George Floyd is not the reason for the rioting and looting, but his death is the spark that ignited the fire. The facts surrounding the death of George Floyd are not all in. It looks terrible judging from the videos. Having seen so many cases that are not what they seem, I prefer to wait until the investigation is completed to form a final opinion, but some things seem very clear to me.

The death of George Floyd ignited the smoldering embers of inner city people shut in too long during the Covid-19 pandemic response. People that lost jobs, lost income, have nothing to do and are having to shelter in place for weeks or months at a time were ripe for blowing up. The officers gave them the reason. 

There is no justification, however, for the looting, and the burning, and the shooting of other people. It is ludicrous to believe this is anything more than street thugs using the death of one man to justify their arson, thefts, assaults and killing of others.  

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

In Chicago in May alone 56 people have been shot and killed, 269 shot and wounded and no one is rioting over the loss of those lives. Lori Lightfoot, the embarrassment of a Mayor of Chicago, tells the President F-U when the President rightly says this is about thugs not righteous indignation. This is a Mayor who has more black men in her city being killed than anywhere in America, and there is no outcry from anyone including her. Her example to our youth as a leader is why people continue their bad behavior as she models it for them.

The intrusive stay at home orders in the inner cities has created a powder keg. This was predictable. We cannot indefinitely lock down a nation. The media instills fear in people about Coronavirus. Wages have been lost, and people have nothing to do. They are restless, and when you combine that in areas where there are already inner city problems like gangs, and homelessness and broken families and drugs and lack of education and disdain for police, then you add the behavior we saw by police in the case of George Floyd, the spark blows that powder keg.

The rest of the country follows like lemmings, using moral outrage as an excuse to destroy people’s businesses that serve their communities, to damage the places they live and harm the people in those communities, and to attack good police officers nationwide.

Officers make millions of contacts with people every month and less than 1/10 of a percent result in any use of force. To use police brutality as a reason for this violence is a false narrative. That said, one bad act by any officer damages all of the good work 99.9% of officers do every single day. Common sense should tell officers that excessive force begins when resistance ends.

The stupidity of politicians to enact zero bail policies and to release criminals from jail has added fuel to this fire. Now what will your irresponsible policies do when we have people robbing and stealing and shooting and burning cars and buildings? Will they get zero bail and be out to pillage society again and again? 

It is the politicians who have created all of this by coddling criminals and thinking that restorative justice helps society in any way. Our elected officials have betrayed the public and this is the result.