If someone were to put together a list of current hit songs for the Socialist Democrats the Number One on their Hit Parade would likely be “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”. Since that appears to be exactly what House Intelligence Committee Chairman California Democrat Adam Schiff is involved in, creating bogus charges against the president and attempting to railroad him out of office.

The phrase “Kangaroo Court” also comes to mind when discussing the Socialist Democrats attempts to impeach President Trump. The fact that they have completely excluded Republicans from the discussions, and have gone out of their way to prevent any sense of fairness in the process clearly shows that they are not after the truth at all.

What I believe and hope others will see as well, is that Americans will recognize what the Socialist Democrats have been doing for quite a few years now. They’ve been running roughshod over our Constitution and our political process all in the pursuit of unbridled power and control over the American people.

The Democrats have discovered that what they offer to the American people is nothing but smoke and mirrors and empty promises. The same garbage that they offer every two to four years to try to convince voters to choose them over the Republicans, yet never produce.

For instance, the Democrat candidates for president have offered free Medicare for all; tax the rich; dismissal of all student loan debt; guaranteed monthly income whether you want to work or not; gun confiscation; and most recently taxing churches if they don’t change their doctrine and beliefs to fully accept what they may consider to be deviant and sinful behavior of any kind. And these are just for starters. And all at the cost of trillions of dollars that have no chance of ever making it into law.

It seems that there is no level of pandering for votes that the Democrats won’t stoop to if they think they might be able to garner a few votes from it. Politicians have always made promises that they knew they couldn’t keep, but the Socialist Democrats have elevated lying to their constituents to an art form. 

Promise them everything, deliver nothing, and then repeat the next election cycle. Their strategy now has gone far beyond making empty promises.

If they cannot win an election outright then they will simply start an impeachment process and get the railroad running. Creating as much of a distraction as possible from the fact that they never accomplish anything constructive when they are placed in control of the government.

Can anyone think of any achievement by this Socialist Democrat-controlled Congress since they took power back in 2018? Other than maybe naming a post office or two after someone like Harvey Milk to pander to a small special interest group. But no real significant legislation to help the majority of Americans that has any chance of making it through the Senate and eventually onto the president’s desk for his signature.

They simply won’t sit down and hash out in a bipartisan manner any of the details on important issues facing the country. It’s always ‘their way or the highway’. And nothing but distractions and dissembling. 

Yep, the Number One Hit on the Socialist Democrat Hit Parade is definitely I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, and that is exactly what Adam Schiff is up to. With a compliant news media they are railroading President Trump and we need to let Nancy Pelosi and her caucus know in 2020 that we’ve had enough of their railroading and Kangaroo Court tactics.