For the second weekend, French citizens are violently demonstrating against their President Macron ostensibly over the high cost of fuel that had been increased three times this year so far. In reality, the fuel tax was and is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” because the citizens who are rioting have had enough of Socialism, Globalism, Open Borders, Muslim Invasion, Terror and more.

Macron recently and publicly derided President Trump as a “Nationalist” hence literally associating him with Nazism because Macron, the Leftist, Liberal Globalist has no understanding or Comprehension of PATRIOTISM.

Macron is not only out of touch with the ‘common people’ of France but he is also an utter imbecile regarding the Cult of Muhammad called Islam, so much so, that he truly believes he can turn Muslims into ‘moderate Muslims’ and LOYAL French citizens. Ironically many demonstrators shouted “We want TRUMP!”

Macron, like Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, Theresa May and almost the entire EU ‘liberal/ leftist’ leadership have abandoned Reality and Logic by truly asserting (without an iota of corroborating evidence) that Muslims can and will be a productive and invaluable part of European cultures and traditions.

The social and economic collapse that is happening in France and in most countries of Western Europe is the result of years and years of socialism and open borders.

This is what happens when European governments over tax their hard working citizens to pay especially for unemployable, ingrate legal and or illegal Muslims who are forbidden by their Quran from EVER assimilating or integrating among none Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels. Muslims are literally overtaking not only France but also most of Western Europe.

Macron, who arrogantly stated after the first week of violent rebellion that he is sticking to his fuel tax increase, had to eat his own words and humiliated himself by reversing course 180 degrees.

The French and EU elites are today in shell shock and fear because they have at hand the possibility of a second ‘French Revolution’ if more citizens become angry enough for whatever other reasons that are bothering them and join the demonstrations.

Under these circumstances, the police will not and cannot go against their own citizens just to protect the very politicians who have caused these dangerous conditions. Macron’s government may collapse and new elections will have to be applied.

Watching what is happening in France may become contagious, giving backbone and hope for millions of other European citizens to remove their current criminally negligent and clueless politicians and replace them with ‘New Blood’. This is called ‘the domino effect’.

Americans reading this article should take very careful note that the USA under the Democrats/ Leftists/ Globalists will bring these disasters to you if you also do not stand up against them and stop them.

After all, like the totally misguided European leaders, the Democrats also believe in ‘open borders’, no vetting of ‘immigrants’, health care and education for millions of illegals etc. without once any of these Democrats and ‘liberals’ mentioning, caring or having any sympathy for millions of poverty level Americans or unemployed Americans.

All the Democrats are fixated upon besides their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ is their total lack of PATRIOTISM towards America and its citizens.

Personally, I have been hoping for such a citizens UPRISING all over Europe for the last five years. Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning against the current despicable, disloyal European leadership and more patriotic European leaders will take power to first stop Muslim immigration into Europe and then reverse it.