Over the past several years, Starbucks has become a bastion of hate-mongers who terrorize freedom-loving Americans. Some even arrive early, plug in their laptops, buy a cup of coffee and conduct their business, as the smell of the caffeine beans goes to their head.

“Holiday” time was especially joyous for this group, as Starbucks removed Santa and Merry Christmas from all their takeout cups, leaving a red political correctness stain on their reputation!

This is no place for a Trump supporter, nor is it a good idea to wear a red MAGA hat to any Starbucks for fear of retaliation of ones views. 

However, now that billionaire Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, is considering an independent run for the Presidency in 2020, those same liberals are frothing at the mouth like an overheated latte’, angered and triggered that he could splinter the vote, in affect, handing Donald Trump a second term. 

What they don’t realize – is that Trump will win in 2020 with or without Schultz and his pompous political program of giveaways.

If he does make a formal announcement, the wrath of the Left will be unleashed like a trained attack dog, targeting the man whose place they adored until it no longer suited their political-insanity!

It’s a characteristic of the Left that never changes, they adore YOU until you threaten their power. 

These are the same people that thought Mueller was “filet mignon” while he was investigating Russian collusion⏤but how quickly he became a “baloney” sandwich once the TRUTH of no collusion nor obstruction was delivered.

Once you cross them, the Radical Socialist Left will mobilize and put the most devious plans in place⏤legal or illegal to destroy their target. 

You can take your cappuccino to the bank on this one!

Love RayRay..and a Poem  

A Rising “Star” Bucks the System

Light foam their Lattes’
Add a snowflake for free
If Shultz is a runnin
They’d rather drink tea

The Dems in a panic
That Howard will run
Assuring the incumbent
Adds four more years to his sum

So they huddle together
We had better react
Affixing a target
To the small of his back

They will dig up some dirt
Do whatever it takes
That’s what they do best
Even if the news is all FAKE

Destroying his character
Obliterate his returns
If He threatens their power
We make him crash and then burn

They cheered and rejoiced
When he removed Santa on cups
Merry Christmas deleted
Their Jubilation erupts

But now that He threatens
To splinter the vote
We’re tossing his coffee
We’ll try slitting his throat 

They may need more seating
With tablecloths in Red
Will Conservatives drop in
Exploding their heads? 

They hope he’ll consider
Getting out of their way
Or else on to Dunkin Donuts
For their fresh brew today 

Written by RayRay 4/4/19©️