There are several areas of American culture that desperately need corrective action. Primarily, higher education; those institutions to which we entrusted our children and our money and from which we received in turn abject idiots because they don’t educate anymore, only indoctrinate with philosophies wholly inimical to the US. 

Our children are now rioting in the streets trying to tear down the America we grew up in and loved, to be replaced by some fanciful form of Socialism that has failed, without exception, every time its ever been tried. Do not present China as an argument to prove the contrary. China is the absolute epitome of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm , the perfect surveillance state wrapped, up as one and brought to its highest degree of “Big Brother” efficiency.

State operated colleges and universities like the University System of California and the private Ivy Leagues schools on the East coast, apart from their highly regarded engineering, science, language and mathematical programs, are wastelands of Marxist indoctrination. They should be closed as should the teachers unions. As exponents of organized labor, teacher unions are useless. As a political instrument of Communist indoctrination they are essential. 

The thousands of brainwashed students graduated from these institutions, if they’re not in debt forever, know nothing about civics, the humanities or history rendering them malleable like SillyPutty in the hands of an evil artist. And like SillyPutty, their expensive political educations are fungible, of no intrinsic value to any but the college treasurers who collected their exorbitant fees, not to mention the high interest on late payments. Students, enslaved by this debt forever without anything to show for it, can, like SillyPutty, be moulded to demand free education. 

We see the products of these expensive but meaningless majors, jobless and out on the streets demanding — what? Many turn to activism as ignorant Antifa & BLM demonstrators destroying the centers of Democrat run cities (do we not see the irony)?

Attacking police often with deadly effect, dragging down monuments representing America’s historical past and creating “no police” enclaves where, they hope, pure Socialist dogma will grow and survive and, maybe, pay off their education debts. It is a Cultural Revolution the Communist want and these students are their useful idiots, ie: SillyPutty! 

The better products of higher education are the sciences, biological, space astrophysicists, chemists, engineers and astronauts that keep America at the forefront of world advancement. What a dichotomy of educational production!

Secondly, the former Democrat Party, now totally Marxist, needs to be completely destroyed. They’ve gone over to the “Dark Side” and their values are not American values. I don’t know why we’ve put up with it as long as we have. They’re dangerous and if returned to government, the Democrats will make George Orwell’s grim predictions come true.

Today, the streets of Portland, Chicago and Seattle, are still awash with rioters, looters and arsonists but the MSM, don’t show us the videos of fascist street criminality. They’re fixated on phony figures on China Virus deaths, keeping America closed until after the election, and keeping Joe, the Slow, Biden hidden in his box. 

Why don’t we see the videos’ anymore, because Federal Police are taking Portland back. The Antifa’s and BLM’s are losing their stupid battle and soon, Nov 3rd, they will lose all. We’ve got to hang on!

SillyPutty comes with a warning: “Keep out of the hands of children!”

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!