One of the most revealing questions ever asked of a presidential candidate was the one put to Donald Trump in his debate with Hillary Clinton. She demanded to know if he would accept the results of the 2016 election. She thought she was a shoo-in! His answer: “yes, if I win!”

Trump had already been briefed about the coup attempt being orchestrated against him by the FBI in case he did win, so he suspected any Democrat victory would itself be tainted by cheating, ergo, to Hillary and the Democrats, his shocking answer. It was rather like throwing down a gauntlet!

The Democrats and their media cohorts went berserk succumbing to their worst nature, a destructive emotional malady known as TDS, that continues to this day. With all the evidence available that Hillary Clinton deceptively pulled her party’s super delegate nomination voting rug out from under Bernie Sanders, and she still didn’t win. They tried to make us believe that Trump somehow cheated with Russian help to take what was promised to her. Accordingly we underwent three years of costly but corrosive investigations, a laughable impeachment trial, gross lies, whining and ignorant comments, yet Trump still occupies the White House. 

So far, the Left has failed to put a dent into the Trump legacy of political and economical  success even after being stymied by the Left’s Wuhan China contagion and now, only a few months away from the November election that will extend his power four more years, they are beyond desperate to be rid of him.

What will they do and will it precipitate a Civil War? They’ve impugned the police so we won’t trust them anymore and demand we all stand aside so they can continue to make their point ‘peacefully.’

They launched the Cultural Revolution, like the “Red Guards,” to bring violence, mayhem and destruction to Democrat run cities across America. That’s what a Liberal education produces! Ignorant, selfish and talentless cretans with no purpose except change what exists of the old order to be replaced by their new socialist one. 

It will make no difference if Trump wins by a hair or a landslide, and he will win, because the media and the Democrats will scream that he cheated, that the Russians were involved again, claim votes weren’t counted, insist that voter ID denied some their right to vote, etc., etc., & etc  and the street violence will be ramped up!

Worse, on election day, in close local elections, even before the final counts are published, expect Democrats to claim victory, demand the public microphone to create a mandate and quickly try to swear in their candidates as DA’s, Mayors, Council members and even Sheriff’s in some cases, all to prevent the Conservatives who do win in the final count, the office they acquired lawfully, without a lengthily court battle.

No more hanging chads or vote recounts. 

However, while the Antifa’s and BLM’s are making all that noise, the silent majority is waking up and won’t be silent much longer. The noise will be heard at the ballot box and it should be loud.

However, we must be prepared because they’re starting to bring knives to a gun fight and that can’t be tolerated. We’ve seen this all before. The Greeks instructed us on how to kill the Hydra, by cutting its head off. For us, that means going after their money sources, the Clinton, Soros, Obama and China’s foundations. They expect us to be “woke” and act that way. To deviate is to be publicly punished, fired, ridiculed and harassed. It’s their turn now.

Perhaps we should put “Trump 2020” stickers on every Democrat car you see, especially those from out of town. It must be our job to stiffen the backs of Americans caught in this loop of apologizing under duress for being Americans.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!