It’s been dubbed the most important election of a lifetime. November 3, 2020, may very well be the most historic election day in America, and one that appears to be headed to the Supreme Court for the final outcome.

More and more evidence of eyewitness accounts involving election fraud and theft are surfacing by the hour. The nation’s voices were hijacked and stifled through the power-grabbing tactics of political foxes guarding the henhouse. Although most of the alleged guilty were democrats, republican radicals also littered the den and sealed the deal with a number of party rebels.

The Media Push for a Biden Presidency

If you googled Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., over the internet, Wikipedia would tell you that this pathetic phantom of a man defeated the energetic, people’s President of the United States, Donald J. Trump in the 2020 United States presidential election.

The Media has no say in the call of elections. America is a nation of laws under the U.S.Constitution. The fake news media are “clowns in action” and were partners in crime as they were overly anxious and careless to override the ballot counts, especially those belonging to the military personnel who have a history of voting more republican.

Fake news platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are working hand in hand with the military-industrial complex all set up by Obama and his cabal. They would have you believe that Joe Biden inspired the hearts and minds of Americans from his Delaware basement and was the beloved presidential party of this election⏤yet millions of Americans only witnessed the masses attending Trump rallies while Biden rallies had the audience of a ghost town.

The Evidence

President Trump’s attorneys have recently stated that according to their evidence and records, Trump has won over 70% + of the vote for re-election and they are working diligently with whistleblowers and witnesses who have come forward with exorbitant amounts of documented evidence. Their voices will represent the masses of American voices stolen by the machine and the democratic party.

Operation counterpunch will soon find its way to them in real-time, what was a complete and utter cluster muck of a steal during the most monumental election fraud in American history, will soon prove that this democrat party has betrayed the American people with its Anti-American ideologies. Joe Biden has been used as a puppet by the military-industrial complex war machine.

The nefarious and radical politicians who wear two faces collaborated with rogue mayors, governors, city councilmen, district attorneys, election officers, and their minions are all a part of the systemic political cancer that feeds behind the shadows.

The cash flow from the military-industrial complex and foreign enterprises is being disclosed. These individuals and corporations will face military tribunals for launching their tyrannical coup against the American people and our sitting President.

Joe Biden is the head of the Biden Crime Family

Joe Biden has served on the dole for 47 years working against the American people. 8 long years of which he served as vice president to the most criminal cabal of all executive offices in the history of the United States in the 44th Obama/Biden administration. Biden is the former vice president to the delinquent fraudster, Barack Obama, who did nothing but rape and pillage this country, figuratively and physically, while lining his pockets with American taxpayer dollars.

Whenever Joe is confronted with the facts, he reverts to his con-man defense of “Oh come on man.” The shadowy side of Mr. Joe Biden would make HRC look like a Sunday school teacher.

His involvement with the Ukrainian government along with his son Hunter and other family members are purportedly involved with illicit and terrifying trafficking crimes connected with Water Island, which lies just across the waters from Epstein Island.

As a member and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden supported the ever-expanding NATO alliance into Eastern Europe and got caught up in dishonorable elections and back door deals. Biden authorized the Iraq War and worked hand-in-hand with the military-industrial complex, who capitalized on keeping wars ongoing for over two decades. It is President Trump who is bringing troops home from the long wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are even reports of Joe Biden’s satanic allegiance and participation in aiding and abetting foreign powers to sabotage, ambush, maim and kill American military personnel in foreign lands, through what the false narrative likes to call the “fog of war.” There has never been accountability for these war crimes against humanity and America’s sons and daughters.

Biden served as Chair on the Senate Judiciary Committee from 1987 to 1995 with his involvement in the so-called crime prevention, drug policy, and civil liberties, but this is nothing but contradiction as the emerging facts present themselves, he was a front man for aiding and abetting these notorious activities.

The disgusting and soulless role Joe Biden played in maliciously drilling an honorable black man, Justice Clarence Thomas. for the highest seat in the nation’s court, will forever be a scar on the nomination process. By the grace of God, the gavel now sits on the desk of Justice Clarence Thomas, as evil can only play out so long before the righteous lay the smackdown and the meek shall inherit the earth.

The individuals on the Biden/Harris shadow team are the very military-industrial complex giants who received campaign contributions from the war machines weapons manufacturers namely, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman.

We know Joe Biden’s democrat party paid local terrorist groups, BLM, Antifa, and others, to assist in the threat and tyranny against the American people, but President Trump put safety nets in place to counter the ten layer coups.

The 2nd American Revolution

This 2nd Revolution is a war being fought by sophisticated cyber warfare once weaponized by the domestic and foreign terrorists within this country, recently redirected and tagged by the brilliantly underestimated President Trump and his intelligence team.

The American people arm themselves with God and a knowledge of history as we raise up the American Flag in salute to the spirit of those who fought valiantly to preserve this very moment in time, we are living through the 2nd American Revolution.

America was founded by the architects of the U.S.Constitution, not a legion of runaway gang bangers, arms, drugs, and human traffickers, orchestrating deep within the MKUltra media, perpetuating hate, fear-mongering, and race-baiting⏤plaguing our great nation with foreign and obtuse ideologies.

The political and military-industrial complex are the very reasons why these laws were created. Sorry, Joe, you will never be President of the United States of America, the American people and our President Donald J. Trump will never allow your murky powers to eclipse or control us as you implement agenda 21/30 tyranny against “We the people.”

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