Every parent wants their child to succeed and every parent wishes they knew the secrets to helping their child reach full potential. Did you know that there are more problems that kids these days have on their plate than kids in the past generation and the challenges parents face are also more complex than back in the day?

If you have wondered what you as a parent, adult in a child or teenager’s life can do, today’s show has the secrets and answers to what today’s parents can do to keep up with all of these issues and best help their child navigate through it?

Douglas Haddad is a best-selling author and award-winning middle-school teacher who has been recognized as the 2016-2017 Simsbury (CT) School District Teacher of the Year and a 2017 Connecticut Teacher Ambassador in Public Education. He has also worked as a coach, mentor, nutritionist and inspirational speaker for children and adults. With over 20 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and mentor, Douglas has spoken with hundreds of parents and has worked with them to better understand and communicate with their children.

Through his innovative teaching styles and educational games, original music and music videos he has created for children, Douglas has helped different learners become motivated, set goals, self-manage, learn how to make good choices, become happy, healthy, self-reliant and stable-minded, and navigate through peer pressures to overcome the many challenges that they are faced with each day.  Douglas has spoken at schools, libraries, bookstores, conferences, and workshops about topics related to parenting, education, and health and wellness. He has written for and been featured in many national magazines and popular online websites and is a regular guest expert on television.

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