How do you learn to live a more vibrant, healthy and youthful life? It begins with discovering the answers to the following thoughts: 

  • What are the side effects of daily habits
  • How to use daily habits to clear out a room for creativity, relaxation, and success
  • How to create a legacy with your children by writing a book with them
  • Writing a book about everything while teaching it to others

Are you one of those people who believe cats have 9 lives and you should be like them? Do you hesitate to meditate? When are you going to start living that life that you always dreamed up? Are you willing to begin with a blank notebook and start writing every day for 30 days? If so, you may be the owner of the next best seller! This show will examine the above questions and more. The Energy Bar is successful in bringing powerful speakers for the empowerment of people and today’s guest is at the top of the EB-Charts!

Every Single Day: Daily Habits to Create Unstoppable Success, Achieve Goals Faster, and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential

Bradley Charbonneau did something big on November 1, 2012. Bradley made a decision to write again. He signed up for a challenge for 30 days in a row. He says he was scared, hesitant, and excited. 2,103 days later, he is still going. Now he can’t stop. Every Single Day, which happens to be the name of one of his books. Other books include, “Decide: The Underrated Action Before Dream, Act, and Succeed.”

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