We Deplorables watch with awe in amazement as this showman keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat and continues to out Fox everyone in his path.

As I look upon the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, it reminds me of the Illusionist, actor, showman and great escape artist, Harry Houdini. Houdini, was born as Ehrich Weisz, in Budapest, Hungary in 1874, to a Rabbinic family, later emigrating to the United States at age 8. 

By age 12, he was already performing on stage, becoming famous as an escape artist. Later traveling through Europe defying hand cuffing, straight jackets and even escaping from closed coffins. He was Literally a magician with nine lives. He was also well known for debunking frauds, particularly in the areas of Science. He died in 1926 of complications from a fist fight, finally succumbing many months later. Someone with his captivating skills only comes along once every 100 years.

So here we are nearly a century later, and DJT comes onto the National scene, as a builder, a showman, who seemingly performed magic to become our 45th American President.


Additionally he has many skills that keep individuals, even countries, guessing about what his next move will be. He is a master of debunking frauds.

He has the abilities to escape from the jaws of scandals, innuendos and predicaments in all aspects of his Political life.

He, with the ease of Houdini, has also eluded the trickery, lies and deceptive hoaxes that have been foisted upon him by the Mainstream Media and political enemies hellbent on his destruction.…. Love RayRay and a Poem.

Rabbits and Ropes

He’s just like Houdini
His escapes are always complete
They put a sack over his head
Chains on his hands and his feet 

He challenges adversaries
Heads of Countries perplexed
They’re always kept guessing
As to what he’ll do next

He’s a master of strategy
Of our Political mess
Bobby Fischer would marvel
At his three-dimensional chess

The Media’s rabid
Every angle they’ll try
The Alphabet cabal
Hopes they could lasso then fry

So today he’s announcing
At Three on the clock
Speculation has already run wild
As to what issue he’ll rock

He a showman at heart
And we love him to death
Because He will fight for our Country
To his last Magician-like breath.

Written by RayRay 1/19/19