The right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed us by the Second amendment, is under constant attack by the Left. In the end, the One World Government crowd, the advocates of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan, cannot seize control of the government so long as alarmed citizens are allowed to remain armed, independent, unafraid and able to defend themselves.

The US Supreme Court settled the basic 2nd amendment issue years ago so now the attacks are coming from within. The Progressives are heavily engaged in winning elections at city, county and state levels including filling representative and senate roles with their Socialist candidates. In some areas, city and county councils are being filled by Leftists and muslims. 

Currently, Virginia has fallen into the hands of socialist grifters, a blackface Governor and an alleged rapist black Lt, governor, who’s outrageous conduct stirs no concern so long as they’re against guns. In reply, some counties have declared themselves “2nd amendment sanctuary counties.” This ‘sanctuary’ business puts our various law enforcement agencies between a rock and a hard spot. It may ensure the coming realignment of political forces most likely to come to blows at the local level, cop vs. cop, can be predicted with some level of certainty. 

Sanctuary Cities are the bane of a free society. They have announced their intent to be lawless. Supported by the local governments socialist dictates criminals, drug users, gangs and the pitifully homeless are afforded the city’s protections to be free of harassment by ICE, FBI, I&BP or any other Federal Agency wanting to enforce federal laws, all at the cost to the city’s real tax payers who are denied those same protections, indeed punished if they complain.

Red Flag laws, nice sounding in theory, are another tool for corrupted local governments to use to harass 2nd amendment supporters, seize their personal property and cost the victim the expense of challenging the city’s unlawful orders and getting their property back.  

In Virginia, the idea to resist has sprung up as pro-2nd amendment sanctuary counties where gun owners are supposedly protected from the long arm of the Governor. Negative citizen reaction however, has caused many democrat politicians to vote down most of the Governors gun control attempts. 

Having said that I must say I do not support the idea of 2nd amendment sanctuary counties because to create one and have it work, is to legitimize the whole concept of sanctuary cities as practiced in California, not for guns but for criminals. Because they do it, doesn’t make it right, so why imitate their plan. it only gives them arguable support to continue to be unlawful.

Those are basically ill thought out if not down right unlawful. 2nd amendment sanctuary counties are not needed because we already have the law and multiple court decisions on our side. The citizenry must not react as victims, but rather to challenge their offending states, cities and counties with law suits charging violations of our civil rights and for violating established rules already supporting 2nd amendment rights.

We must put forth pro-2nd amendment citizens to replace the progressives trying to run their own small fiefdoms as gun free dictatorships.  

Our Constitution is far too important to be frivolous about. It must be protected as it is, not as the Democrat-Progressives wish it. That’s what elections are for. We cannot ignore our safety any more. To be free from fascism each of us must take a stand for the Constitution and rule of law.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!