Throughout the ages men have sought to understand the meaning of life. Why is it so important and at times even urgent, that men understand the purpose for being here on earth. Nothing we see around us seems to explain the meaning of life.

We gather things as if we will be here forever; however, we see on a consistent basis death is the only way out for each of us. The world as we know it is always changing and the bodies in which we live tend to do the same. The only thing left for us to do is to learn the purpose of life through Christ and how to walk that life out here on earth.

Today’s teaching is a deeper dive into understanding the God and Science connection and where we fit in the overall picture. Prepare to receive the Word of God today in this new and dynamic teaching THE SCIENCE OF GOD; another message in the series from my new book ‘OUR FATHER’S DNA-SWITCHED AT BIRTH” located on Amazon and other retailers.

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