Do you remember Jonathan Gruber, designer of Obamacare and his famous quote? What did his quote really tell us? …  

Jonathan told the world that Americans are STUPID – and therefore must be lied to, for their own good – in order to pass new laws designed to CONTROL them!!  

Do you think his remarks were limited to Obamacare? After the impeachment trial you should be able to see that his view is the commonly held view of most of the Deep State who think they are the Elite.

YOU are not capable of controlling YOUR life.
YOU need someone else to CONTROL you, Someone else to determine YOUR Destiny.
YOU need the Government! You are not capable of making the correct decision when you VOTE! 

Adam Schiff: Americans are too stupid to decide elections

Pelosi Thinks Americans Are Too Dumb to Understand Impeachment

I disagree, the terminology is wrong! Americans are not stupid; they are IGNORANT.
Ignorant…of what is REALLY going on behind the scenes.
Ignorant…because the MSM (Mainstream Media) CONTROLS what they SEE in the News!
Ignorant…because the American people…do not learn the BASICS in government schools CONTROLLED by the Deep State.   

There is a big difference. The sentence that hit me the most was when Jonathan said, “Americans have limited economic knowledge.” Therefore it is easy to fool them. Not one journalist asked, WHY? The ROOT CAUSES of America’s problems are SCHOOLS and the Education Systems…under Deep State CONTROL!   

School is the lowest common denominator. All Americans attend some form of school for the first 8 years of their lives. If schools concentrated on what they were supposed to, like reading, writing, math, and civics – Americans would not be ignorant of economics. But instead of teaching Basic Fundamentals, schools now contain so many social programs, I am amazed that a child can learn anything relevant at all!!

Today, schools focus on the (right brain) – which enhances Emotional Responses for situations. When a child is taught to focus on feelings and values… Eliminating Reason and Logic… COMMON SENSE and RESPONSIBILITY – LOSE OUT!     

Instead, students suffer from frustration and confusion often leading to temper tantrums. Our depressed young people turn to Suicide, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Identity politics, activism rioting and race-baiting. A total cultural breakdown is the result. Lying to make a point, or to sway an opinion – becomes the Societal Norm. Lying becomes the road to Utopia. The desired search for Utopia makes outcome-based programs more important than THE TRUTH, or the Ramifications of the ACT. This is why progressives focus on “Tomorrow.” They can not tolerate the results of their failed programs. They do not filter in or evaluate the wake of the destruction created by their untested, unproven projects. When they are discovered and found out for their failed plans…they tell us they are angry, indignant, mad as hell, and the problem needs an investigation, more money and time…None of which ever happens. Instead they create programs for future implementation so when programs fail another is in office and can be blamed for the failure.  

Remember Hillary’s famous remark: “What difference at this point… what difference does it make?” The American Public is Ignorant. Ignorance occurs when knowledge is OMITTED, hidden, and conveniently…not provided. Common Core Standards (CCS) enhances Ignorance!       

Confusion, leading to VIOLENCE – is often the result. The regime wants confusion and violence – because confusion will lead to MORE CONTROL!

They tell us if only we did this differently…spent more time explaining…spent more money…that’s YOUR tax money, by the way! This is just another famous method of CONTROL. They never once believed that their policies are at fault! The quest for Utopia is never-ending!!    

Progressives understand that if Americans knew history and understood history repeats, Americans would FORMULATE A DEFENSE…and STOP THE DESTRUCTION! That’s why CCS is VOID of American HISTORY!! CCS teaches UN History!    

The Deep State is afraid and must discredit President Donald J. Trump. President Trump puts America, not the UN First. President Trump has been repealing their strangling regulations and by doing so Trump’s programs work. The Deep State can not tolerate Trump’s success.  

For Example:  U.S. Civil War, WWI, or WWII are barely mentioned in Common Core (CCS). CCS does however teach the wonders of the UN with a focus on sustainability, income inequality and hate. Then the media reports on a divided country. The phony environmental sustainability is necessary to control the masses while pushing the globalists as the only saviors of the world. Bill Gates’, funded many programs in our education system, and makes money from a contract with the UN to provide software for worldwide Common Core.

– UN, Obama, and Gates Are Globalizing Education Via Common Core

– Bill Gates, UNESCO, Common Core And Failing Government Schools

Who gave him this Authority? Gates signed a contract – with UNESCO to implement WORLDWIDE COMMON CORE STANDARDS! Think of all the money Gates will make, forcing all of the SHEEPLE… YOUR KIDS… to think as HE commands in this program ruled by Outcome Based Education.  

Progressives focus on the future…THEIR UTOPIA of CONTROL! They “kick the can” down the road, and take no responsibility or accountability…for their actions. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…       

Deep State can try to CONTROL the future – but they can not control the past.   

They told us: Forget about No Child Left Behind (NCLB). (It was awful, kids didn’t learn!) Instead, the Deep State said…We need more control…called cradle- to-grave education, and more money for technology. Scrap that old NCLB failure and let’s do a new program called “CCS” or Common Core Standards. We will give CCS more values, more feelings, more confusion and more lies. Deep State never believes that the structure they promote is the problem… Students have no foundation and can never draw conclusions by relying on past experiences. Because students never learn about the past, they never learn TRUE U.S. History.   

Was CCS tested? No. Will it work? No, but no one will notice – because the Deep State will change the name in 4 more years. Now the group, including but not limited to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Open Society, and the Trilateral Commission and other global think tanks are changing the name and creating Work Force education. Education is now training.

Is President Trump Being Played by Betsy DeVos and Jeb Bush?

Make no mistake Education is about money. If we do not make the American choices and become socialist, the Vendors will get rich. The Deep State will get richer, and the middle class will DISAPPEAR and become THE POOR. Children will learn their Rights come from the Government.

Americans will live the Hunger Games. In order to transform something you must first destroy it. In order to destroy it you must LIE to the people, so they will give you their Power.

Someone can only have power over you if you let them. We let the Deep State rule because that is what we are taught. Our Ignorance…allows our rulers to subjugate us.   

The Deep State tells us what they want to accomplish. We are silent. Silence is compliance. People silent and controlled, are called “useful idiots”. They will do as they are told and never question. How do you CONTROL MILLIONS of people? (331 MILLION IN THE USA) You LIE TO THEM. 

In the Deep State ‘s “Playbook”:  How to create a Social State, by Saul Alinsky, he sites Rules for Radicals. There are 8 levels of CONTROL – that must be obtained before you are able to create a Social State. The first is the most important:   

1) Healthcare:  Control healthcare and you control the people. 

2) Poverty:  Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live. 

3) Debt:  Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty. 

4) Gun Control:  Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way, you are able to create a Police State. 

5) Welfare:  Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income) 

6) Education:  Take control of what people read and listen to, take control of what children learn in school. 

7) Religion:  Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools. 

8) Class Warfare:  Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent, and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor. Can you now see that every American program is built on LIES…   

It does not matter what Industry, THE RESULTS ARE ALWAYS THE SAME!   

Is America Worth Saving?

Saving America requires work. You must share the TRUTH with others! 

The impeachment trial is our perfect example of fact vs. fiction. We are now learning that the FISA application which enabled the investigation was a lie. Everything the democrats blame on Trump, they are doing or have done. Will you be silent? 

Americans have a perfect opportunity to come together and say: “I will not comply… I will not continue in silence while the truth is continually distorted, or will we bow to the likes of Gruber, Schiff, Pelosi who think Americans can no longer be told the truth, and are incapable of making their own decisions. Will these Americans gladly move into the Progressive Utopia like downtown San Francisco?!


  • Help get Trump reelected. Vet local candidates.
  • TALK and TEACH – Discuss US History with your kids. Incorporate history knowledge, books, TV historical movies, and articles in your conversations with your kids. Family discussions are CRITICAL, Your kids must know about American Exceptionalism, their Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.
  • They are NOT LEARNING about American History. Talk with your kids in the presence of older people that lived through the Great Depression, WW2, Kennedy Assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, Iraq War…and other such key U.S. history events that impacted the lives of millions of Americans. 
  • Teach them about the CONTROL that the Deep State have over their Schools, and teach them to think independently…not to be part of the HIVE mentality. Remember, those that do not learn from History…are Doomed to repeat it.  
  • ACT – Contact your Representatives in State, Federal and local legislators. Pick an industry, become the expert and work with your legislators. If they do not listen, then tell them this is the Last Vote they will ever get from you!  
  • Contact POTUS via, Twitter or his website. Get rid of Devos and the DOEd. 
  • Join the Florida Citizens Alliance. Our efforts have paid off. Start an Alliance in your state.

Make 2020 the year of action.