Without a shadow of a doubt, the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and Terror started with fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and his replacement with Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini.

It was the then clueless president Jimmy Carter who literally helped Khomeini take over Iran without any opposition. Khomeini deceived Carter and all the Western leaders, promising them fair and peaceful elections.

Even as I am writing this article, 40 years later, most of the American and European leaders (Politicians, Military, Media, Academia and Security) have not learned anything about Islam and Muslims because they have not even bothered to read, let alone study, Muhammad’s Quran.

Their failure to do so continues, no matter how much terror, death and destruction is being inflicted upon none Muslims by Islam all over the world. As far as I am concerned, their dereliction in their duties led to 9/11 and all 40,000 acts of terror all over the planet since 911.

Their hands are dripping with the blood of hundreds of thousands of people because they have neglected to apply the first and foremost article of

“The Art of War”: Know your Enemy as well as yourself.

Had Carter, or any of his Military, Political or Foreign Affairs advisers read only chapters 2 to 9 alone (from 114 chapters), they would have realised, that a fully Sharia compliant Ayatollah, could and would never allow free and democratic rule to take place in a Muslim society.

Had they even bothered to read Khomeini’s thoughts and ideas, they would have known that he was only going to have an Islamic Theocracy; the most virulent anti-democratic form of government.

Khomeini, deceived not only the Americans and Europeans, but most importantly of all, all Iranians. After he landed in Tehran on 1st February 1979, he immediately started establishing a reign of terror: arresting, murdering, removing and forcing into exile millions of Westernized Iranians. He replaced the armed forces with Fundamentalist Shia followers.

I am comparing the Ayatollahs to the Nazis for very good reasons. By the way, Reich means Realm.

Why did I call it the Ayatollah Reich?

Khomeini created an elite force whose loyalty was not to the Iranian people, but to himself and all the Ayatollahs who took over every facet of government, military, education, political, economic, academic, media, police, etc.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) became for the Ayatollahs, the equivalent of Hitler’s Waffen SS, whose allegiance was only to Hitler.

They declared publicly and in the UN, that they intend to Exterminate Israel, to finish off what Hitler started.

On the 5th November 1979, the US Embassy was occupied by so called ‘students’ and took 52 Americans hostage. These were not students; they were the new thugs of the Ayatollahs regime flexing their muscles by rubbing the nose of Americans into the dust for all the world to see.

Under International Law, this was an ACT of WAR and the USA should have given the Ayatollahs an ultimatum: Release the hostages immediately or face extensive retribution.

Clueless and spineless Carter, attempted the worst possible ‘rescue mission’ by the US military, who were not prepared and or competent enough to succeed without prior in depth assessments and in gathering of naval, air and other forces to act in unison. The mission failed, with the loss of many brave soldiers because their leaders were totally incompetent.

The Ayatollahs held on to these 52 Americans for 444 days until Ronald Reagan became president. He had already sent them messages through diplomatic channels that he is NOT Carter and that he will take military action against them. They understood the meaning of the communication.

For the next 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the Ayatollahs, became the foremost supporter of Islamic terror in the world. Their enmity for the USA (big Satan) exceeded all other enmities except for Israel (little Satan).

The Islamic Republic of Iran is Shia Islamic who have been at war with the Sunni Muslims for the last 1400 years, starting the day Muhammad died in 632 AD.

For those who do not understand WHY Shia and Sunnis hate each other, let me explain it in simple terms~

The day Muhammad died, his companions congregated to decide who should replace Muhammad and be a Khalifa (Caliph)/ leader of the Islamic Ummah/Nation. While they were debating this, his son in law and first cousin, Ali bin abi Talib, was attending to burying him and was therefore not part of the decision making.

According to the history of Islam, those followers of Muhammad who believed that only a member of the blood line of Muhammad can be a Khalifa such as Ali, are called Shia.

Those who believed that on the contrary, that any learned and decent Muslim can be elected to lead the nation, are called Sunnis. This schism, has continued for 1400 years and will continue for as long as Islam exists.

Shia Muslims are only 15% of Islam while Sunnis and others are 85%, but their differences vanish completely vis a vis none Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels (80% of current humanity) who, under Allah’s Sharia, must either Submit to Sharia or be Exterminated.

This is exactly why the Ayatollahs have been attempting to overthrow all the Sunni Arab leaders and whenever possible, incite the Shia Arabs to overthrow their own regimes.

For 40 years, every single American and European leader fell under the trance of this terrorist regime. For 40 years, these criminals were treated with respect and deference. These Western leaders were betraying their own people such as was done by their so called ‘Nuclear Deal’ with Iran followed by treasonous Obama and John Kerry, handing these monsters $150,000,000,000 as well as $1,700,000,000 in cash.

Donald J Trump was observing these failures for the last 40 years and knew exactly what the solution has to be. From the moment Trump became President, he had two very important goals: Make America completely energy independent as well as make her military unchallengeable.

Within three years, and against the most sustained virulent attacks and attempts to undermine his presidency, he achieved both goals. The Arabs and Muslims, can never again bully American foreign policies by threatening to choke off oil supplies.

Because of the relentless attempts by Democrats to remove President Trump from office by all nefarious means possible, the Ayatollahs were under the impression that his days are numbered and that he is helpless.

The Ayatollahs, just like the Democrats and their stooges in the Fake Media, completely and repeatedly under estimated his will, his stamina  and his sagacity, to their own forthcoming and unavoidable self-destruction.

Trump made it crystal clear to the Ayatollahs, that if a single American is killed by their actions, he would unleash the Dogs of War upon them.

Iranian-backed Shiite militias, in the last week of December in Kirkuk (Iraq), attacked a US position that killed a US contractor and wounded several U.S. soldiers.

This act, crossed a red line for Trump. The U.S. retaliated by bombing Kataib Hezbollah bases in western Iraq and Syria.

Once again, the Ayatollahs did not listen and in their arrogance, they attempted to do a repeat hostage taking performance, this time at the US embassy in Baghdad. Qasem Soleimani was the one who organized and sanctioned the attack hoping to humiliate Trump and the USA.

Unlike the treasonous Obama and Hillary Clinton at Benghazi, Trump not only sent more troops to safeguard the embassy but warned both the Iraqis and Ayatollahs that he holds them personally responsible for the safety of the Americans. The Shia militias, withdrew immediately and not a single American was killed or taken hostage.

With incredible conceit and defiance of the USA, the Iranian Soleimani landed at Baghdad airport attempting to overthrow the current Iraqi Prime Minster with one, more in tune with the Ayatollahs.

Considering the fact that Soleimani was already designated as the commander of a terrorist organization, Trump made sure he was Terminated instantly.

All of Trump’s detractors were as usual, utterly wrong regarding the so called ‘dire consequences of such illegal action’. Soleimani’s death brought thousands of Iraqis, Iranians and Lebanese celebrating his demise.

What Trump achieved was phenomenal: with this single action, the fear that the Mullahs had succeeded in instilling in others for 40 years, went Puff!

On the 22nd of January 2020, a remarkable event occurred in Khuzestan (Arab south west) Iran:

Iranian commander, Abdolhossein Mojaddami of Basij Forces, was gunned down in front of his own home on Wednesday 22nd January 2020, in the Khuzestan province of Iran, news agency IRNA reported.

The Basij forces, one of the five forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), are often used to suppress protests and demonstrations against the Theocracy in both Iraq and Iran.

He was killed by two men who wore masks and were riding a motorcycle, Iranian media reported. Iranian security forces are investigating the matter.

The killing could possibly signal that the regime is unable to contain widespread discontent among the Iranian public.

The Ayatollahs and their henchmen, who used to be the Predators, are now being Hunted by people who have been energised and emboldened by the bravery and sagacity of Donald J Trump who takes No Prisoners from among those who are intending ill to Americans.

If more such assassinations occur in Iran, then the “writing on the wall” is crystal clear:

It is the “End of the Beginning” (as Churchill asserted regarding Hitler’s Germany) of the Ayatollahs’ Islamic Reich.