For centuries Christmas has represented the most magical time of the year. Faith believers hold December 25th very deeply within our hearts and minds as we celebrate the birth of our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We grow misty-eyed and reminiscent of the heavenly hymns of “Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our Savior’s birth,” and “Mary did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod? When you kiss your baby, you kiss the face of God.”

There is something very different yet mystical about this Christmas 2020, leading into the New Year of 2021. Could it be the supernatural promise and hope of peace, prosperity, and abundance symbolized in the stars’ great celestial alignment?

Reflecting⏤the entire year of 2020 has transpired into a worldly yet personal revolution of the spirit, an awakening of the soul, a reconnection of family, friends, and neighbors.

Humankind has severed outgrown “me” traditions and connected with mass consciousness on a level of “we” commitment, working together within groups and communities; despite the muzzled narratives of anarchists, we’ve turned off the propaganda machines and cozied up with loved ones, and for many, we are redefining our dreams and ambitions.

We’ve witnessed the evolution of humanity’s spirit. The unfolding faith transforms us to another level of being as patriots advocated for the transparency of truth of all that was stolen from underneath our tree of life and legacy.

This sacred holiday season, we cherish the fireside moments sharing stories of yesteryear with family and friends; supporting food pantries; reaching out to strangers; making children laugh; assisting the elderly; inspiring strangers with a smile; a kind word, or deed; our souls are stirred by the unconditional and miracle gift of such a great awakening.

This year’s Christmas gift to “We the People” will be the gift of Peace, Protection & Prosperity, promised to us by the people’s President, Donald J. Trump.

Since his first day in office, this President has worked diligently, restoring what was withheld from the American people through the decades of an intolerant government and crime-ridden bureaucrats throughout government.

Whether you are aware or not, it’s revealed through his executive orders, mentioned in his tweets, and believed through his actions that President Trump has been fulfilling the unanswered dreams and wishes ridding the deep state as articulated by former President JFK before his untimely death.

Before his first term in office, this President possessed the knowledge that the criminal cabal enterprises were full of domestic terrorists who almost ambushed our great nation’s soul. Now that the wicked have revealed themselves, we can hold them accountable in military courts of justice through military tribunals.

As history repeats itself, this President is fighting the evils of man, much like President Washington, who crossed Delaware on Christmas Eve’s night. Like Washington, on bended knee, wrapped in the faith and promise of prayer, miracles abound to those believers who stir the powers of the heavens like a magic wand with the energy of conviction.

President Trump, a mortal faith-driven man, now finds himself as the bearer of light to America and the world, he hasn’t given up, and neither should we. There are surprises to be witnessed in the days and weeks into the new year.

The unfolding of the New American Republic is fast approaching. There is talk of TRUMPSARA, the blending of NESARA and President Trump’s new initiatives for our country, ridding the FED, splintering the clown agencies and eradicating the deep state, ending debt enslavement and all that was stolen from the American people and our legacy for decades.

What is NESARA / GESARA, and how and when did this occur, you ask? National & Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. This is the Christmas and New Year’s blessing that President Trump gives to the American people, lovingly known as TRUMPSARA, this national and global prosperity gift that the deep state tried to withhold from humanity. Read more:  NESARA was a Game Changer; Why did Bush Stop It? on America Out Loud.

It’s the transformational process we are undergoing now into the new year ahead, life-changing, evolutionary and revolutionary technologies that will aid the world through its healing process.

A reset of the Quantum Financial System and break down and elimination of all old government systems, one that will benefit the goodwill of man and heal the inequities of those 1% elites who lorded over the common man by greed.

As we leave the corrupted greedy enterprise of corporate American and enter into the Republic of America and the full enactment of Constitutional Law, we have to take down the evil that infused our country through the deceptive use of domestic terrorists working with foreign enemies.

These Traitors have brazenly shown their true agenda throughout the year of 2020 as they overestimated their power and underestimated President Trump and the American people’s mindset.

NESARA / GESARA has many blessings attached; it involves many benefits, but to name a few would be to note:

The criminal cabal seized assets and the new gold standard, national and consumer debt forgiveness, student loans, and financial relief.

The end of the FED and the IRS, along with the initiation of a flat tax, the healing of global relationships promoting peace and prosperity, ending human-made wars, and eliminating the evil behind the military-industrial complex.

The introduction to cures and quantum healing technologies, the advancements in science and technologies, and our space program’s growth.

This year America will experience a “Revolutionary Rebirth” on many levels. Still, most importantly, the world will receive the blessing of light from America, and the once crippled limbs of humanity will rise to receive the blessings of healing and love it so desperately deserves.

May the Christmas holiday spirit and New Year allow you to experience everyday miracles with your loved ones.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,”  ~ Thomas Paine