Imagine eating meatballs, burgers and chicken without slaughtering a single animal. Lab created meats to hit the markets around certain parts of the country by the summer of 2019.

Through the geoengineering and modification of our food seeds to growing meat in laboratories, have we as members of the human race become desensitized through the transformation and is the consumption of these products changing the genetic and hormonal balance of our mind, body and spirits?

Meat lovers here’s some news you may not have heard, as of this summer, there’s a new brand of meat hitting the markets, meat that is actually harvested from the cells of animals and not the animals themselves.

This innovative test tube meat is the future of food and farming. Memphis Meats is planning on making the differences in the meat lovers world without the need to slaughter animals.

Memphis Meats, Inc. grows meat in small quantities using cells from cows, pigs and chickens. It’s products include hot dogs, burgers, meatballs and sausages.

They state “Making meat without animals is a new concept. We want to spread awareness of our work to as many people as possible, in order to help the environment, animals and humanity.” They believe that lab grown meats will save the planet.

Their Mission statement reads “At Memphis Meats, our mission is to bring delicious and healthy meat to your table by harvesting it from cells instead of animals. You can enjoy the meat you love today and feel good about how it’s made because we strive to make it better for you…and for the world.”

This summer, the Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson will ensure grocery stores in his state will have aisles stocked with meat grown in a lab. This is the cutting edge of food technology, transforming beef, and poultry from the farm to a petri dish.

Memphis Meats is a privately held food technology company headquartered in Berkeley, California aiming to grow sustainable cultured meat. The company was founded in 2015 by three scientist:, Uma Valeti, Nicholas Genovese, and Will Clem. Valeti is a cardiologist and professor at the University of Minnesota.

“Dr. Uma Valeti is the CEO and co-founder of Memphis Meats. A pioneer in the cell-based meat space since 2005, Uma has led the field on its journey from an ambitious idea to an emerging new industry. Uma is a Mayo Clinic-trained cardiologist who served in leadership roles at the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology. At Memphis Meats, he guides the company’s vision and strategic direction.

Nicholas Genovese, PhD and Chief Science Officer, is a global champion of cell-based meat. Prior to co-founding Memphis Meats, Dr. Genovese brought the vision of cell-based meat to the forefront of established scientific disciplines through communication and groundbreaking research. At Memphis Meats, he leads our R&D initiatives.

Uma and Nicholas Genovese founded Memphis Meats in 2015. Since then our team has grown into a diverse group of scientists, engineers and designers who share a commitment to respecting our food traditions and innovating to make meat more sustainable and delicious.”

Memphis Meats makes food by sourcing high quality cells from animals and cultivating them into meat and promises to bring meat lovers an authentic product that is truly humane, sustainably produced, delicious and nutritious, Cell biologists say it’s an advanced step towards further genetic modification.

This company harvests and cultivates animal cells, artificially feeding them high protein slime, growing them into a “food” product they were trying to label as “meat”.

Soon many restaurants will be joining the movement.

So who’s flipped the switch on agriculture, farming and technology?

Using biotechnology to induce the stem cells to differentiate into muscle tissue and to manufacture the meat products in bioreactors, the company plans to produce various meat products. To give you an idea and caliber of the mindset on this creation, August 2017, investors listed are: Atomico, Inevitable Ventures, SOSV, Suzy Welch, Richard Branson, KBW Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), NewCrop, Kimbal Musk, Kyle Vogt, Indie Bio, New Crop Capital, Bill Gates, Ron Short, Fifty Years, Westcott LLC.

According to Cofounder and CEO Uma Valeti, he projects three main problems with today’s meat industry is the greater and faster demand for meat, health risks such as E. coli and antibiotic resistance, and it takes 23 calories of grain to make one calorie of beef, an unsustainable amount. Many vegans even support the so called “clean meat”.

These lab created products are expected to make a full commercial release of these products by 2021.

Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would witness this day in time that our food would become so weaponized.

In retrospect, and looking at the Evolution vs Revolution concept of emerging the world of technological advances with farming and big agriculture, and the effects it has on our food sources, I know I won’t be ingesting slime burgers or any other form of Frankenstein lab grown foods at anytime in the near future.

The fact that Bill Gates and other elites of the same mind set are jumping all over this ban wagon illuminates an essence of sinisterism, they are the first to use the narrative that “with modern technology we will be able to feed the entire world” who the hell are they kidding, it’s a known fact Bill Gates and his cronies are all about population control, vaccines, GMO’s and other Eugenics promotions.

The jury is still out on this one and should the day arrive and I hear my favorite restaurants will be serving this slug, I won’t be sitting at their dinner table!

Knowledge is Power and it’s up to each and every one us as consumers to do our own research into the foods we think are feeding our minds and bodies nutritiously.

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