For all intentional purposes, the relationship between the military industrial complex (MIC) and the military is the swamp. Military officers manage multi-million-dollar contracts, then when many leave the military, they have jobs waiting for them at the very same companies they were managing the contracts with. Calls for investigations into Hillary Clinton and money she raised with her non-profit as Secretary of State continue to this day, but she was not alone in Obama’s executive branch appointments. When the retired 4-star general and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Gen. James Jones, came on as Obama’s National Security Advisor, he was at the time also the owner of the family owned defense contracting company, Dynology.

The story could end with just the fact Obama’s National Security Advisor and his family profited personally from millions of dollars in taxpayer appropriated military contracts, and you would have been furious. Astonishingly, the story does not end with ethics violations, it ends with something called, “The ShadowNet”. 

Where the real story begins is October 2007, when I was hired by Jim Jones, the president of Dynology and the son of Gen. James (Big Jim) Jones, to help in pioneering social media psychological warfare capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense. I was contracted to help convert the capabilities of the 4th Psychological Operations Group, also known as the 4th POG, from dropping flyers from planes, to what is known in military nomenclature terms as interactive internet activities, or IIA.

To simplify this, it was developed for the exact same capabilities in covert, (fake users) social media information operations that we indicted the 13 Russians for. Only difference is I built it for George Bush, then when Obama took office, he massively expanded the program. Although this was a classified project, much of it was overt and completely fine, much like you would find the Public Affairs Office doing. I am currently seeking a hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors, in a classified setting, and very limited as to what I can or will say with anything operational, or as part of the dissemination process. 

What I can talk about is what happened when Gen. Jones made this battlefield tested, social media psychological warfare project management tool commercially available. The Dynology marking slick is titled Information Operations, and even a quick glance reads like the FBI indictment list of the 13 Russians. 

This story doesn’t end here and will actually be broken down in a 4-part series called, “The ShadowNet”, and here is just a taste of what’s to come. The first report will cover more details into what I mentioned above. The second, for example, will discuss how in 2008 Dynology was the #1 preferred partner of 3EDC, owned by Paul Manafort. Dynology provided IT services for John McCain in 2008, at the same time I was pioneering the ShadowNet in Iraq. After John McCain won the primary, Paul Manafort’s company received millions from the McCain campaign and the RNC for “micro-targeted social media services.” All these transactions were reported. 

Then it gets weird, because the Jones’s are lifelong friends of John McCain, and Obama asks Gen. Jones if he would be his Secretary of State. No, that is not a typo, Gen. Jones served as Obama’s National Security Advisor, but had originally been asked by Obama to serve as his Secretary of State, and Gen. Jones accepted. A few days later, without even giving Gen. Jones a head up, he publicly announces Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. I know this because I spoke to my boss, Jim Jones, that day. I hope to everyone that believes Benghazi was totally preventable, and ask yourself how differently things might have turned out had a retired 4-star and not Hillary Clinton been in charge that night? 

The third will focus on the relationship between the military industrial complex, our military and government. Make no mistake, this is the swamp, folks. How do you feel about a Private in the military taking home a little more than $2,000 a month after taxes, and the contractor sitting next to him, doing a fraction of the work, is making $20,000 per month, largely tax free? Or a contractor living off base in South Korea paying about $15 per month for internet and TV, while on the other side of the wall on base, a Private is paying about $140 for a fraction of the connection speed. Or how taxpayers spend millions to develop new technologies, and the company keeps the intellectual property rights and all effective ownership. Seriously, the ShadowNet we developed under a Bush administration contract, was licensed back to the military under an Obama contract – by Obama’s National Security Advisor. 

The 4th and final report will be focused on the ClearForce application, (AKA, ShadowNet v2.0). Released in 2016, ClearForce was developed to predictively prevent leaking of classified information. Coincidentally, the launching of ClearForce was preceded by record levels of leaking classified information. The ClearForce application was developed by Dynology and began around the same time Gen. Jones and former CIA director Michael Hayden helped create a regulatory compliance requirement designed to prevent leaking like that of Edward Snowden at the time. The law allowed roughly 3 years for companies to meet the compliance requirements, which coincidentally ended the same time Hayden and Jones launched their new company, ClearForce.

Combining the covert social media and analytics capabilities of the ShadowNet, with real-time financial, criminal and other personal metrics, the ClearForce application claims to “predictively” determine if someone if likely to leak classified information or steal. Oh, and spoiler alert, it is available for any business that wants to use this predictive behavioral artificial intelligence to determine if you will be fired or not.

It’s already happening folks, and you are late to your own party.