The Red Line In Syria, Supreme Kavanaugh & Socialism – Could be the moment of truth for Syria as fighting comes to a head in Idlib, the last stronghold for the resistance. Syrian (Madman) President Bashar al-Assad has used Chemical Weapons multiple times on his own people, will he do it again? Democrats pulled out their biggest weapon to derail Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: a letter from an anonymous woman claiming sexual misconduct back in high school. And if socialism is such a groovy idea, why in Venezuela are people abandoning their beloved pets? Ilana Freedman and Hollie McKay take on the TOP NEWS STORIES of the week.

A Cult of Corruption – First NBC, now CBS; as top executives are placed under the microscope for their behavior in the workplace. More resignations for sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior as the dominoes continue to fall. Is it a culture of hypocrisy as Media Executives are exposed for their bias? Is Google a “Threat to the Republic”? Google exposed as having high ranking management involved in shaping elections information to favor specific elections and then there is that VIDEO… A powerful conversation on sex, corruption, men and women with Dennis Santiago and Brian Gould.

Good vs Evil and Donald Trump – The screaming headlines tell a story, but is it the correct story? Donald Trump Is a Symptom of America’s Dark Side – Donald Trump isn’t mentally ill. He’s evil – Donald Trump is not evil, just an amateur – Worst president ever? – The Multidimensional Evil of Donald Trump —> What did the evangelical movement see early on in Donald Trump that the mass media folks did not? Is President Trump God-Sent, or is he the product of evil as the headlines suggest? George McClellan and Ava Armstrong bring this conversation to a boil…

SEPT 16th 10AM EST

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