Many readers may not remember the era of the 1950s when China fell under the brutal sway of Mao Ze Tung’s Communist Party. Mao, following the example of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, as imposed by Lenin’s leadership in the Soviet Union, perfected the dictatorship of the Proletariat, forcing the sole leadership of government to be by the Chinese Communist Party under Mao’s dictatorship alone. Mao’s brutalization of China started after 1949.

From the end of WWII through the 1950s, the CCP reeducated school students and the peasant class to accept that their plight was the result of decades of cultural exploitation and control of all sources of commerce by foreigners, and capitalism in general, as the reason they remained in the pitiful condition he found them and that he alone, would lead them out from under foreign influences. China for the Chinese he said. Then, the first example of Cancel Culture began.

To appreciate what I’m referring to, take a few minutes to review this video and see how it applies to you today. There are many differences between China’s cultural revolution then and what’s happening here in America today, and it is not to be assumed that what’s shown in the video can succeed here.

First, China had been exploited for centuries by any State capable of stealing its resources. China was badly affected by Japanese atrocities as much as by the Chinese Nationalist Government who did not or could not generate the resources to economically elevate the country above its poverty levels. The Chinese people remained subservient to corruption, abuse, arbitrary punishment and death as a matter of daily occurrence. Mao promised change.  

Apart from a weak central government, China, long a peasant society was controlled by territorial War Lords who eschewed the government and fought among themselves while maintaining their territorial and political status quo. Mao changed that but he brought along a promise that was much worse, Communism. It revealed its face when young enforcers called the “Red Guards,” cadres of uniformed youths swarmed out onto the streets, destroying symbols of China’s ancient cultures, rounding up and screaming insults at landlords, business owners, intellectuals and others to humiliate them and start their reeducation. It worked!

So, what are the differences? Americans are not from an oppressed peasant class. We are not even of a single race. We have not suffered the humiliation of destructive war from our neighbors, Canada or Mexico; we are mostly educated, or were until “Common Core” was mandated for our schools, and the slavery issues, until revived by Marxist Black Lives Matter gangs, was a thing long in the past. Cultural differences apart, the White and Black races were actually coming together as real Americans… until Obama came on the scene.

Another major difference is that unlike the powerless, oppressed Chinese of the 40s & 50s who didn’t know any better, Americans know what works politically and what doesn’t. We are also armed to the teeth and are ready to defend our Nationalism and our country from the naked and  soulless aggression of these imitation Red Guard morons, even to their death if necessary.

We see that the BLM and Antifa slugs are mostly White Liberals, the corrupted products of America’s Marxist subverted universities.

They are honing their skills in street guerrilla warfare to the point some are now arming themselves with deadly weapons unafraid to confront the police. They are organized and they are a serious threat but… they don’t have a Mao they can quote while screaming at folks dining peacefully in restaurants. They only have a stupid Joe Biden, an inspirational touch indeed. Nov. 4th, the real war starts. Time to arm up and take stock.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!