The Reason God Allows Bad Things To Happen To Good People 1

Program #5: When you think back to some of the lowest moments of your life, did you ever wonder why God would allow such trauma and disaster in your life? Most of us know that feeling, and have questioned God’s judgement at our darkest hour. But what is the connection between these most challenging moments – God’s plan for our lives and the distractions put forth by Satan? Why is it that God allows bad things to happen to good people?

If you’ve ever pondered such questions, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the conversation on this show. We have a very special co-host on the show today from Rome, Italy, Father Joseph Iannuzzi joins me in place of Vassula Ryden, who is currently traveling for True Life In God.

Father Joseph L. Iannuzzi is a doctoral alumnus of the Gregorian Pontifical University. He has earned 5 post-graduate degrees, with studies in medicine, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and theology. Father Joseph is the author of 12 books on revelation and prophecy.

(Many thanks to Father Joseph for his incredible efforts in the taping of  today’s production. We had scheduled this just after his arrival back to Rome. He was at a monastery the day of the taping which caused a most challenging echo sound. He was gracious not only to move to another room, but also placed a cloth type fabric over his head and computer in an effort to quiet the echo — to say the least, we are most grateful for the extra care he took. We were thankfully able to enhance and clean up the final production. The talk was most definitely worth such efforts, and we are proud to deliver this powerful MESSAGE back to each of you.)

Today, the world does not believe in the existence of Satan as an evil spirit or in any other evil spirit, nor does it believe in the other dark forces that plague God’s creation.

Many emotional disorders, neurosis, fears, anxieties, headaches, asthma, tumors, allergies and other psychosomatic diseases often are caused by a demon that has established his nest in the soul and infested their bodily faculties. Many Christians are not aware that they might be carriers of one demon or more. They can never imagine that whatever physical or psychological illness they suffer could be caused by evil spirits that made their home in them.

Many Christians today are unaware of Satan’s presence and the presence of the evil spirits that may produce physical illnesses, psychological and spiritual disorders, the effect of these evil spirits is powerful. For by ignoiring the reality of evil in the word today, we are giving Satan and his fallen angels their freedom to move and go about without being detected and without hindering them.

God made man from the very dust of the earth in God’s own image and likeness, and man was forevermore destined to surpass in glory the glory of all other created beings, including the angels themselves, whom St. Paul affirms “we will judge” (1 Cor. 6.3). From that moment, Satan, seized with jealous anger, set out to destroy mankind and snatched at equality with God. Satan therefore never ceased to use his freedom to put man to the test and tempt him to fall.

But Jesus warned us that in our days, through his prophetic messages of the TLIG messages that the latest trick of Satan is to make people believe he does not exist nor that hell is a real place.

In Sacred Scripture over 1000 references are made to the devil. Of these 1000 references, 568 come from the N.T.! If therefore in Scripture so much attention is given to the activity of Satan in the world, how come today such little attention is given to casting him out? Part of the answer may be found in the Church’s historical decline in demonology. Father Joseph will explain that correlation on the show today.