By the tens of thousands, African Americans are awakening to the fact that Democrats have done little to nothing for them as a culture. They’re beginning to realize even more so than 2016, that they’ve been used. It finally dawned on me why every liberal Democrat running for office, is pushing so hard to allow millions of illegal immigrants into America. They know that Black America is catching on. They’ve been fed lie upon lie of how the Democrats are their protectors from these horrible Republicans, those racist Republicans. It seems that nearly every day on social media, there are new videos of black people talking to other black groups, on the topic of being oppressed by Democrats. There’s more conversation than ever of how Obama did nothing for them. Whereas President Trump has created the lowest unemployment rate for blacks, in U.S. history.

What the Democrats have forgotten, is that people of all races, do not want to be taken care of. Nearly all people have pride, regardless of skin color. We want to be valued at the end of the day, and feel a sense of accomplishment, not to be taken care of. According to RealClearPolitics, “Republicans did not own slaves, Democrats owned slaves.” “Democrats founded the KKK.” “Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment, which freed slaves.” “Democrats opposed the 14th Amendment.” The 14th Amendment says in a nut shell, “the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States – including former slaves – and guaranteed all citizens “equal protection of the laws.”

Here we are today, with the Democratic Party lying to the black community, telling African Americans that Republicans are racist. When in reality, it’s just the opposite. Democrats have the “fake news”, mainstream media, right in their pocket, and they push this narrative day and night. What most people don’t stop and realize, is that most of these news outlets, such as CNN, are run by devout left-wing liberal Democrats, such as Jeff Zucker. Fortunately, we have very courageous black men and women, the likes of Candace Owens, who are making it their mission to inform their culture of the misdoings by the Democrats. Going back to President Carter and President Clinton, after both received over 80 percent of the black vote, then they both distanced themselves from policies that seemed to disproportionately help black people.

Urban League Director Vernon Jordon outlined his concerns a year into Carter’s presidency: “We have no full employment policy. We have no welfare reform policy. We have no national health policy. We have no urban revitalization policy. We have no aggressive affirmative action policy. We have no solutions to the grinding problems of poverty and discrimination.” It would appear, after Carter won, he didn’t care as much about Blacks as they thought.

Here’s one of the worst bills the Democrats passed, the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”. Legal scholar Michelle Alexander recently noted of Clinton’s presidency, “Generations have been lost to the prison system; countless families have been torn apart or rendered homeless; and a school to prison pipeline has been born that shuttles young people from their decrepit, underfunded schools to brand-new high-tech prisons. Clinton later admitted that the crime bill “cast too wide a net” and made the problem of mass incarceration worse.

Has the damage done, been too severe to overcome? Only time and our human spirit will tell. One step in the right direction is:

President Trump’s First Step Act, a criminal justice reform bill signed into law in December 2018. Shortening sentences for some inmates for good behavior, and increasing job training and other programs. Since nearly 40 percent of the America’s incarcerated population is Black, this is a step in the right direction to improve things in the Black culture as well as all cultures.

Obama’s miniscule economic recovery left many black families behind. Presidential candidates such as Kamala Harris continue in the starring role of Democratic savior to the Black culture. Yet, this doesn’t seem enough to distract from her policy record. For months, black Twitter has deemed her “Copmala Harris.” She’s becoming well known for her hard line as California’s Attorney General, where her truancy policies criminalized minority families, and her tough prosecutions of drug-related offenses. There are tweets of videos from A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight captioned “Kamala Harris visiting the black and brown folk she threw in prison.”

So, there you have it, although there’s much more damage that the Democratic Party can take responsibility for when it comes to Black America, the awakening has begun. This is all very bad news for Democrats, who for decades, have counted on the black vote. They are so desperate, nearly every presidential candidate is pandering to one of the greatest con-men in history, Al Sharpton. Even the New York Times deems Sharpton “an ambulance-chasing, anti-Semitic, anti-white race hustler.”

Now, you see why Democrats have done an about-face on their position from years ago, to not allow illegal immigrants into the U.S. They’ve all pivoted. Now, they’re just compassionate and illegal immigrant loving, two-faced, power hungry, rapacious carnivores. They’ve eaten and fed off as much as they can, from African Americans. The handwriting is on the wall.

It’s time to find new prey in order to feed their endless appetite for power and money. Next on the menu, illegal Mexican and South American immigrants.