This week the House Intelligence Committee wrapped up their investigation into the collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia. The results were as many expected, there was NO “there” there. Let’s all hope Mueller can get his massive investigation finished and we can move on to taking care of the business of our country instead of everyone’s political motivations.

“We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.” – House Intelligence Committee, Majority Staff

The Trump team was loudly accused of collusion by so many Democrats in positions of power, I do believe they are owed just as vocal an apology as were the accusations.

More importantly, the entire country needs to look at the REAL voter election manipulation going on and it was not by the Russians, but is occurring every single election in every single state, aided by our politicians.

I am talking about votes being cast in our elections by illegal aliens, felons, and dead people. These votes are manipulating our elections far more than any outside government is, and it is our own government and courts who not only allow it, but fight to preserve the practice. By not requiring voter identification, and I mean real verifiable identification, our elections are being manipulated every election.

33.33% of states require NO voter ID at all, California being the largest of those states. Thousands of non US citizens vote in these elections and nullify the votes of rightful voters and can change the course of elections.

25.49% of states ask for ID (photo not required) but if you don’t have it, you can vote anyway. To me, that now equates to 58.82% that have virtually no voter ID laws.

19.61% of states ask for photo ID but if you don’t have it you can still vote. Now we are at 78.42% that have virtually no enforced voter ID laws.

5.88% have strict voter ID(non-photo) laws and 15.69% have strict photo ID laws, meaning they can still vote but it MAY be a provisional vote.

So best case scenario is that 21.57% of the states will get a more valid election result than the rest of the country. Why are we not complaining, investigating, and horrified about this? This is the real collusion to manipulate results in our federal state and local elections

The commission on election integrity sent out letters to all 50 states demanding data on their voters that are publicly available under the laws of the respective state, including names, dates of birth, political party, last four digits of their Social Security number, voter history from 2006, felony convictions and more. 14 States refused to respond to the letter, 16 said they will review it and 20 said they will provide the information. More than half of our country will not comply with a legal federal request for public information.  Three lawsuits have been filed as well. What would be the reason for the obstruction?

What are we so afraid of? I want to be secure that only citizens of this country that are eligible to vote, vote in any election, local, state or federal. This is not voter suppression and no one is denied their right to vote, but with rights come responsibilities and identification is one of those responsibilities. I have to show ID to get on a plane, or to have a drink, I want our votes to be more important than that.

It is obvious that the red herring is that this is voter suppression or discrimination, when what it is, is self-evident, and that is election manipulation. The idea that we as a country of laws are not clamoring for strict voter ID in every single election just baffles me. We are willing to be in a huge nationwide uproar about collusion from Russia, when the collusion is right here at home. Look at the politicians refusing to allow the voter rolls to be audited. How dare they defy these requests? This is collusion and conspiracy far more than the Russiagate fiasco. For an answer, look at the reasons for not requiring voter ID, and it goes no further than the quest for more votes, and more power.

The vast majority of voting citizens have the required ID and do not mind producing it. I am tired of my rights being usurped by those that use the words like suppression and discrimination to make everyone feel like we are bad people for wanting the integrity of our vote and our elections to be transparent. I am disgusted with legislators fighting with our own government when asked to produce voter rolls to ensure the integrity and validity of our elections. We are supposed to be on the same side here, and when we are not something is amiss and it stinks to high heaven. Where is the media loudly complaining about these issues? We should all show photo ID, period. This hiding, and withholding information smacks of dishonesty and obstruction in our elections. We are our own problem and our politicians, judges, state and local governments are complicit in election fraud. Our election integrity must be transparent, and protected and open only to those who have the right to partake in it and not one other person. If you want to exercise your right to vote, get an ID, just like you do to buy liquor, drive a car, collect your government checks, and get medical care.

We are so distracted by the Russians, we are not looking in our own house for the real collusion, coordination and conspiracy with regard to election manipulation. Look no further than your ACLU, your activist judges and your power hungry politicians. Our votes need to be counted, but only our legally cast votes by legal I.D. bearing US citizens.