With a mere 23 days until the 2020 election, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with Episode 12, including a deep dive into some of the more terrifying aspects of a potential Joe Biden win, including the fact that Biden has now become something of an empty vessel for the left, which intends to use him to nationalize healthcare and other industries and implement a Green New Deal that will vastly limit Americans’ energy choices, cost taxpayers trillions, and drastically increase energy costs.

Additionally, Biden’s unwillingness to answer pointed questions about his position on packing the Supreme Court (expanding it beyond its traditional size of nine justices) almost certainly suggests that such an expansion and politicization of the Supreme Court and possibly other federal courts is inevitable should he emerge victorious. Also concerning is Democrats’ apparent interest in eliminating the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule, which would further erode the balance of powers. A Biden victory and Republicans’ loss of the U.S. Senate in three weeks, Malcolm and Michael contend, likely will create the perfect climate for the enactment of sweeping socialist plans that will redefine America as we know it.

Biden: The Left’s Empty Vessel

Malcolm and Michael describe how a largely pro-Biden mainstream media combined with Biden’s ability to utilize the pandemic to dodge difficult questions has allowed Biden to remain essentially ill-defined to voters. But dig deeper and it’s apparent that Biden has now become an empty vessel for the far left, which expect to use a Biden and Harris victory to nationalize healthcare and energy, implement a costly Green New Deal that will vastly increase Americans’ energy costs, and enact other largely socialist schemes of the far left.

Packing the Court

Biden’s recent unwillingness to answer whether he does or does not seek to expand the court, Malcolm and Michael say, means Americans should fear the worst. With the expansion of the Supreme Court and possibly other federal courts with highly political progressives and the possibility of the Democrats assuming control of the Senate and eliminating the 60-vote filibuster rule, the country runs the significant risk of losing the traditional balance of powers that has proven historically essential to the rule of law and representative government.

With the election imminent, Malcolm and Michael argue, now is the time for Americans to awaken to the bleak reality that a Biden victory would represent. On the other hand, Malcolm and Michael say, reelecting Trump would preserve the balance of powers and afford Trump the opportunity to build on a first term that has proven highly successful up to the pandemic’s arrival from China.

Listen to Hour One, Viewpoint This Sunday:  An Election of Consequence. An Election of Chaos.

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