There are two dimensions of the Deep State, the corrupt elected politicians who enrich themselves at the trough of taxpayer beneficence, and the bureaucrats who actually run the government and are addicted to the power of their sinecures. These people sit quietly at their desks pulling the levers of action, enacting rules and regulations to fleece the American citizen out of even more of their own money and when necessary, dispatching the law enforcement arms of the federal government to enforce their edicts. Don’t forget Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Bundy Ranch stand-off and Elian Gonzales to name just four.

Where is the Congress in all of this? Why⏤enriching themselves like the Clintons and clueless Joe Biden and his son Hunter have so clearly shown us. Quite apart from the two faces of the Deep State, the question remains, why are these hidden Deep State creatures so active in thwarting the plans of President Trump? The answer lies in they’re losing their “Power!”

The radical “Left” claims Trump is an amateur, is totally bereft of foreign policy experience that should be left to the professionals. They characterize his decision to pull a small number of US troops out of harms way along the Turkey-Syrian border, as an example of a wicked betrayal against the Kurds, our allies against ISIS, when in fact Trump displayed a level of diplomatic cunning far above these Deep State elites who believe it’s their decisions to make.

Consider the genius of his move: By pulling a small number of our troops away from the Turkish-Syrian border, and not stopping Turkey, our NATO Ally from invading Syria and assaulting the Kurds, he caused the Russians to quickly send an envoy to Damascus to negotiate a deal to unite the Kurds (PPK) and Syrian government against Turkey, a NATO ally. 

In doing so, he really upset Iran’s Mullah’s not happy the Turks are pushing into Syria, even a little ways, even beyond the Syrian border. Now, Germany, an uninvolved NATO ally, hits Turkey with sanctions.

Trump has successfully divided the enemy who were happy to stand united against the US as long as we were there, and at a stroke, turned these former allies against each other and it didn’t cost us anything.

The Deep State elites went berserk!

Remember, Russia’s Intelligence Service alerted Turkish President Erdogan of the developing Army coup against him? Suddenly Russia is now Turkey’s friend, with Turkey purchasing Russia’s new SAM 400 missile system but losing the US F-35’s. So, while Turkey, Iran, Russia and Syria were united against the US, the Europeans were not, enjoying the fact that the U.S. was, defacto, protecting their interest. All that changed at a stroke. Now, what to do with Turkey?

Israel was given a relief period from Iran’s depredations including moving hoards of war supplies, troops and missiles into Syria. Now, Iran has to defend Syria against Turkey instead of focusing on driving Israel into the sea, leaving Israel’s three main enemies, Iran, Turkey and Syria facing off against each other. Turkey’s invasion is going to be very expensive for them.

In the end, Trump’s withdrawal feint brought some level of common unity between Syria and the Kurds while at the same time opening troubling cracks in the apparent wall of solidarity between Russia, Turkey and Iran. Today, Iraqi tribes are in revolt over the Iranian Mullah’s growing influence in their country. Tell me the “elites” in the State Department or the DoD, could have seen this one coming! I don’t think so.

Trump continues to demonstrate a level of genius the Deep State elites simply fail to realize. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!