The first order of business is for voters to define ‘Peaceful Protests’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Law and Order’. Once you define those phrases and words and how they match up to your own life⏤the path forward and who you wish to lead this country⏤should become apparently clear.

Former Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ’s 2nd District, who switched parties when the Democrats were attempting to impeach President Trump out of office, had this to say: “The party had moved from liberal to radical, this new democratic party, wasn’t just for higher taxes, now they were for open borders, against our police, and against our God given rights.”

Jim Jordan, U.S. representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district, had one of the most compelling speeches from both conventions. The Republican Party is the pro-America party. President Trump is the pro-America candidate. This election is about who can preserve the values, principles, and institutions that make America great. Don’t believe me? Look at what’s happening in American cities, cities all run by democrats. Crime, violence and mob rule. Democrats refuse to denounce the mob, and the response to the chaos, defund the police, defund border patrol, and defund our military.”

If every American selfishly votes for what it best for themselves and their families, and not follow the political party ideology⏤then not only will President Trump get four more years, but Americans will come together once again by denouncing the violence and destruction⏤by uniting under the great principles that make America great.

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