The U.S. House Intelligence Committee investigation, the Mueller Investigation and report and the Justice Department’s IG report⏤have more than proven that the Russia Collusion hoax has been revealed to have been a horrific, yet elaborate coup attempt and criminal conspiracy against President Trump⏤run from the inner circle of the Obama White House. 

What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?

The Obama administration and their thugs and stooges within the Deep State were spying on anyone that they considered was a threat. They wanted and needed compromising information on many of their adversaries and even their own for the purpose of blackmail, extortion and even bribery.

Was it the “silent coup” against the 45th President of the U.S.?

The ‘silent coup’ involved at least eight federal departments and agencies which included; the State Department, the National Security Agency, the Pentagon, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), CIA, FBI, the National Security Council, and of course the Justice Department and the White House.

An explosive situation and an explosive and revealing conversation with Col Jim Waurishuk – Jim is retired from USAF, he is a career senior intelligence and special missions officer, former Deputy Director of Intelligence at U.S. Central Command and served on the White House National Security Council staff as Intelligence Aide to the National Security Advisor.

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