Just who are these white millennials who presume to tell the rest of America through the shock of street violence, how America is such a rotten unjust society that must be dug out root and branch and purged of its heritage, privilege, rules, Judeo-Christian moral standards, customs and cultures in favor of dysfunctional, Godless socialized multiculturalism?  

Why are white youths demonstrating exclusively for the marxist group, Black Lives Matter, to the detriment of all people? Who are these people and why should we listen to them apart from the fact they may kill us if we don’t? Why are they intent on closing down America? The answer to that last question is easy, it’s because the Democrat Party got knocked off its power platform by Donald Trump and they want that power back. The millennials are just “useful Idiots” much like Hitlers Brown Shirts in the Germany of the 1920s. But, who are they really, and what makes ’em tick?

These are mostly politically brainwashed college graduates without an education, bearing degrees in some ridiculous social major for which there is no market (jobs).

In most large corporations, jobs in Human Relations are already staffed. Too, in most corporations, HR jobs can be considered “nonessential” created only to fill mandates by governments run by socialist thinking politicians. So, they linger about looking for justification for their useless existence. Many of these people, especially children from wealthy families, never really enjoyed the satisfaction of earning their own money by their own labor.

I had many jobs in my youth long before obtaining a drivers license, that made me independent. My parents role in my life changed. So too, as I learned, did my responsibilities. Apart from mowing the odd lawn, which my dad thought was character building, I lit smudge pots in citrus groves when the promise of freezing temperatures threatened the trees. Not a steady job I agree, but damn hard work, and from age fourteen, I arose six days a week at 4:00am to fold newspapers for a car delivery route. The business was next door and upon obtaining my drivers license, I too got a delivery route. It was only 100 miles long, six days a week and I always finished in time to get to school punctually. I did this through high school.

I didn’t think I was experiencing a right of passage into adulthood, but with that job, I learned responsibility, politeness, respect, gratitude and how to get along and talk with strangers without making ’em angry; I learned about banking too and saved enough through high school to pay cash for a brand new pick-up truck upon graduation. 

I suspect many of these young rich brainwashed white trash millennials, seeking to achieve the unachievable through violence and intimidation, haven’t quite got the message yet.

They believe they have a franchise to destroy American cities because through the decades, when we weren’t paying attention, the Democrats pushed deadly social concepts upon us, through our schools, that we are only now realizing are a real clear and present danger.

These millennials have developed no relationships with working Americans. They have not been taught to create, design or think critically, only to hate. The loss of the work experience, the interactions with co-workers motivated as they are by the alleged sufferings of others because America is a demon country, is what’s leading them to their doom and doomed they will be. They are expendable! While Democrats excuse their every offense, they’re running out of excuses, and time. Their anti-Trump desperation will increase and soon the clashing sound of real revolt will fill the air. Prepare yourselves. They are out to get us!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!