There are many ways in which President Trump can tackle, not just find a solution to identify the source, slow its spread, determine a treatment and a cure for this unprecedented pandemic. At the same time, the President must also deal with the second, third and fourth order effects and impact on the nation, to include the economy, the psychological effects on the people, and the safety and security of Americans going forward. Here’s the ‘strategic imperative’ that has essentially been handed to #45.

President Trump must strategize, plan, organize, implement and execute the right actions that provide for across-the-board solutions. And he must deal with those actors who will attack him relentlessly from every angle and at every level possible. At the same time, he must do so on many fronts, countering his haters, opposition, naysayers, critics in the Democrat Party, the media, and those who run the various elements of the economy. And he is expected to do it effectively and successfully, while dealing with the narrative that it was his fault from the beginning.

President Trump understands the strategic impact on the nation, individual Americans, and what must be done. He also understands the implications and impact for the world. It’s the political challenges that he is constantly up against. 

As the President said, “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

As we look back at the wave tops from the standpoint of where we were at and what is to come next to bring America back from this dilemma. We know throughout December and January the President worked quietly, diplomatically and even stealthily trying to get China to accept the best medical assistance America has to offer to try to mitigate the spread. China refused and pushed back for over a month…as a result, the epidemic took off across the world. Irresponsibly the Democrats blamed the President. By the end of February, the Democrats, the political-left, and the mainstream media were salivating that President Trump was on the ropes. 

But now look where we are. For the Democrats, both Bernie and Joe are essentially nowhere to be seen. By the way it’s an election year. Worse, for the Democrats, suddenly there’s this effort by the party and the mainstream, and yes, the media is involved and embedded in this effort. Their strategy is/was, to push Biden out in the eleventh-hour to try to counter President Trump with “his” solutions, albeit plagiarized from Trump’s strategy and plan, in an effort to make Sleepy Joe look presidential.

In the meantime, President Trump in the ever unorthodox and unconventional process and methodology of his own⏤got rid of over half the media in his daily press conference addressing the Coronavirus efforts by using the left’s own creation, a term and process known as “social distancing.” Further, he determined the epidemic to be a national security concern, he waisted no time in completely shutting down the border with Mexico. Further, in just three weeks, predominately by strategic communications, messaging and phone calls with corporate leaders, and executive actions, he has virtually set in motion the process authorizing all the American companies in bringing their factories out of China. Most don’t realize they’re leaving due to effective messaging out of fear of what Beijing might do and serious concern for what the future holds, and fear of the unknown in China. Finally, there are also corporate concerns that if companies don’t react and or respond appropriately, they may get caught up in the picking and choosing which companies survive either there, and or in the U.S.

Domestically, one major strategic concern that Democrats fear most is⏤what if President Trump would institute Martial Law? 

If you understand the Trump Doctrine⏤it would not be the traditional ‘jack-boot style’, police-state, boot on your neck, as most envision it to be. No, Trump would use it to secure the freedom and rights of Americans. To ensure the safety and security of the Republic and the rule of law under the Constitution. That said, I could see the President use it get the country back on track since it gives him the authorities he needs to accomplish what needs to be fixed in order to return to his vision of normalcy.

Declaring Martial Law could give the President, and certainly what many, including myself, have been calling for, that being the authority to completely wipe-out MS-13, Antifa, and all other radical and hostile left-wing organizations. I can assure you; the Democrat Party will rile against such action.

Similarly, thanks to the Democrats and the DNC, over the last several weeks we watched the hyper reaction, mostly by Democrats and those of the political-left political persuasion calling for and cancelling state primary elections. And if the Democrat persists with their insane talk and their knee-jerk reactionary actions of wanting to drag the nonsense out for a least nine more months. If they’re not careful, they could default and end-up creating a situation causing the cancellation of November 2020’s federal elections. While it’s complicated, the situation may likely come into play by late August, early September, around the Party Convention and the Primary period. Can you even imagine their reaction to that?

The reality is the Democrats really screwed up on this one! 

Never mind Speaker Pelosi’s ongoing crap shoot with the Emergency funding over the last week. 

Here’s the facts, the Democrats are well on their way to creating absolute chaos. The reality is that they’ve created a Constitutional crisis. Their dilemma is that Trump is at the helm, and they don’t even realize this. They screwed around and did nothing when both President Trump, and the Democrat leadership first learned of the Coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan China back in December and early January. Trump went to work to prepare the nation and stop the spread from China as we’ve already discussed. They did nothing! 

In fact, they actually, once again, as they did with Russia, FISA, Ukraine and the Impeachment, sought to “weaponize” the impending crisis to use it against Trump. They used the epidemic as a hoax to attempt to take down Donald Trump, once again.

So now, they’ve failed once again to both realize and understand that Constitutionally, in such a situation⏤the President is responsible, first and foremost, to protect the nation and the Federal government. Constitutionally, the President is charged with the survival of the Republic and the Constitution…by any means necessary.

The Democrats just gave President Trump all the power he has ever dreamed of because of this irresponsible crisis they’ve choreographed to collapse the nation’s economy.

Nevertheless, and without hesitation or missing a step, and never the word failure is in his vocabulary⏤this President capitalized on his responsibilities, his resources and his executive authority with the full authorization and mandated again, by the Constitution, to protect and defend the Republic.

In the end, they may try to challenge or usurp his authority in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief and as the nation’s chief executive. And while for the Democrats, their ideology justifies that the “Ends Justifies the Means.” However, with this President, no matter what they try, as it is, they’ve failed to realize once again, that they cannot stop him from protecting and defending from all enemies foreign and “domestic,” as that too comes under the Constitutional authority given to the President. 

Their biggest strategic shortcoming, despite the guidance from the greatest minds of the party of the Progressive Socialists, be it George Soros, the Clinton’s, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, their party’s Congressional leadership, even the ever brilliant mind of Sandy from Westchester, aka, AOC, and all the rest of their ‘Who’s Who of ‘jackasses’ – they just gave President Trump four more years. In the end, while things may get somewhat worse before they get better, overall, as of today, this looks to be brilliantly played by #45.

Image: AP