Have you ever heard the words, “As a man thinketh so is he?’

Most of us have and yet, many people are continuing to allow negativity to come out of their mouths. Although it does not happen overnight, our thoughts and word literally define us. We are exactly what we have thought and spoken.

As we continue our series through my new book “Our Father’s DNA-Switched at Birth” we will discover the small houses living inside of us, are packed with data from the past. In order to change the picture of the future we must input data that will be filled with happiness, joy and peace. We are what we think and speak. 

The Good News is: We can change the picture of the future by changing our words and thoughts today through the study of the Word of God. Get your copy today on Amazon of “Our Father’s DNA” a picture of what Jesus did for us through His blood sacrifice on the cross.

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