Obedience is to be in compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority. God has called us to obedience to His Commandments (His Word). Yet, we see there are people still seeking to hear His voice.

When we learn to hear God’s voice we are no longer walking as a conformist, but as a child of Love ready to yield to this new discovered Love who has now become resident within us. We want to obey Love.

How can we obey a God we cannot see and for many; cannot feel. How do we align ourselves with the Creator’s intentions for our lives when we are not certain he can hear us? Who are we that God, the true and living God would even want to hear us?

As a Born-Again Child of God, we are the very offspring of His DNA. We are the seed of Christ in the earth. The Bible states for as many as our led of the spirit of God they are the sons of God.

Being a son of God opens the door to His Kingdom and His Glory! We get to not only learn to hear, trust, submit and surrender; we learn to live gloriously in the earth!

Today’s teaching marks the beginning of even more of the powerful teachings you have come to enjoy on this broadcast. “The Power of Obedience” is one message you will not forget as it will open your soul up to truly experience God’s Word from a different place. You will see the value of reading His Book every day. You will discover the “hidden in plain sight” jewels that have been left as breadcrumbs along the way.

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