Be careful what you wish for⏤as mayors and governors have touted their generous human spirits, their empathy for the illegals flowing into our country and have forced sanctuary status on the residents of the states and cities they govern. It makes perfect sense then, when our borders are being violated by record numbers of illegals coming to America, when our facilities for detaining them have reached maximum capacity and there is no more room to house them, that President Trump suggests sending them to sanctuary cities. It’s brilliant!

What? I hear complaints and grumbles and some non-repeatable language coming from these same political social justice warriors. Aren’t these the same ones who refuse to allow ICE to do their job and pick up illegals who perpetrate crimes of every type on our citizenry? Aren’t they the same ones who force taxpayers to school illegal alien children, and to give them free medical care, and give them welfare?

Why, their Department’s of Motor Vehicles are so kind as to fill out their motor voter cards and send them pre-filled out democratic voting registrations! Several including California and New York have budgeted tens of millions of dollars to provide free legal aid and educational scholarships to illegals over U.S citizens. In California, some school districts are even allowing illegals to vote on school district issues and sit on school boards. In a couple of states, illegal aliens have  become licensed attorneys. Politicians have made laws allowing illegals to be homeless in the streets and the police may not bother them. They can live in their broken down truck in front of your house and cannot be asked to move as that is their domicile.

They have given them drivers licenses. They have looked the other way when votes in their cities skew far differently than actual voters registered. They have handcuffed police from doing their job in identifying those here illegally. Did I say ILLEGALLY?

So if we have to release these illegals into America, by all means release them into those cities and states who have thrown out the welcome mats for them. They have defied federal laws and the will of the people, and have shown no respect for the citizens of America or the sovereignty of this country.

I don’t understand Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsom being upset over this. It’s just more illegal votes for them. Isn’t that why they all wanted these people to flow unchecked into America anyways? They see democratic votes in their future.

Those of us stalwart Americans who want to enjoy this country, and want legal immigration, did not ask for this problem. We want walls, and ICE and Border Patrol to protect our country and all of its citizens. We are not creating sanctuary cities and states. We don’t want our taxes to go to anything other than what is should go for; our law enforcement, our education, our emergency services, our medical and our infrastructure, for American citizens.

Since the sanctuary cities and states have welcomed illegals with open arms, despite the law, despite the welfare of the citizens of those places, and despite the financial disaster heaped upon the citizens, it is only right that all illegals released be immediately bussed to sanctuary cities and states, and nowhere else. In fact, I’d even give them a stipend to stay there.

Sanctuary politicians, you asked for them to stay, they are all yours. Bravo President Trump! Brilliant idea! Their chickens, or should I say pollos, should come home to roost!