Just when I think our politicians can’t stoop any lower, I am proven wrong. What happened this week with Montana Senator Jon Tester spewing unfounded, spurious and slanderous gossip about Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson with the intent of disrupting and/or ending his bid to be the head of the V.A. was as low as it gets. What is it with these people having so much hatred for our President, elected by us, the people, that they obstruct every nominee for every single position in our government? It seems that they don’t WANT the best people, the first pick, to be in any job. It seems they want to wait to approve anyone until we get to the third or fourth pick, because if we actually approve those first and best people selected by the President, they see it as a win for the President. They have it all wrong, of course. It would be a win for all of us, and the reason we put President Trump there was to get us back in the win column. Jon Tester was willing to destroy the reputation of a really good man in Admiral Jackson, for no reason other than the politics of obstruction and destruction. He had no thought for the years of unselfish and impeccable service by Admiral Jackson, to our country, our government and people of all political persuasions. He had reckless disregard for this man’s career, and family, and for all of our heroic Veterans that need a man of his qualifications and ethics to fix the problems of the V.A right now. Where was Tester when the V.A was going to hell in a handbasket and people were dying from not being able to get appointments? I have to wonder if Tester feels happy and vindicated now that his ploy got the results he wanted. I doubt that our brave American Veterans are happy. I know my own relatives who are Veterans are spitting angry. They get the fallout, and are just pawns in this political game of chess with the end goal of being to obstruct, intimidate and destroy any Trump nominee for any position in our government.

The question for some was if Admiral Ronny Jackson was qualified to run an agency the size of the V.A, with 370,000 employees and many hospitals. The criticism was that his job as Whitehouse physician, did not give him the administrative qualifications to handle an agency of this size. How about being an Admiral in the Navy and serving in MASH units in Iraq and seeing and treating first hand those injured in war? Admiral Jackson has numerous awards and medals, and degrees and qualifications to have served as head of the V.A. Jon Tester, who has one degree, a bachelors in music, played nasty and dirty politics to deprive the Veterans of a much needed leader who understood better than anyone exactly what our Veterans need and deserve. Great job Tester. You are a stain on the U.S Senate.

The intimidation goes so far and so wide that when Kanye West, as a black American; as a man who may not be your favorite artist, but who has undeniable talent and is wildly popular, suddenly becomes a target of hate speak and vitriol of people on the left because he agrees with Candace Owens and likes President Trump. John Goodman of “Roseanne” fame, blasted Kanye on his position, as did other Hollywood types like John Legend. We can’t just let people have different views, we have to intimidate them and attempt to destroy them. Is this what politics has become? 

The left, who claim to be the politics of inclusion, who defends the illegal aliens pouring across our borders, who complain about the United States vetting those who come into our country, who are the supposed champions of the blacks, and the LGBGT community and the homeless, and the working families, will DESTROY anyone who dares to disagree with them. How very hypocritical.

They paint those who don’t agree with them as racists, homophobes, misogynists, and more. They assign blame and names to intimidate people into blindly following their narratives so as not to be embarrassed and slandered. This is all so very wrong. As one of three conservative hosts on Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure, I thought that I would be at odds with the seven liberal hosts on the show. What I learned is something our politicians need to learn. I learned that although we may differ on some issues, we all do it respectfully and we try to seek common ground. I found that we all have far more in common than not as members of the human race just trying to live our lives. While we may not agree on all subjects, there is not obstruction, destruction or intimidation in our ranks. No personal attacks, no name calling, no raised voices. We focus on how we can come together, and although we may never agree on some issues, we agree on the dignity of each person expressing their views.

Those politicians who commit the type of political smears like Jon Tester did, cannot be re-elected. We as Americans, can show our rejection of this type of political attacks with our vote, and we can try to get back to a Senate and Congress that may not always agree, but is willing to work together for the greater good of America.