I watched the historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un in its entirety but the attached link is the best of all of them. Although it is most certainly a propaganda piece for the North Korean people and the commentator was lauding the greatness of demi god Kim, I was more interested in the body language of the two men than by the contents of the Korean language.

1 – Trump behaved and acted with consummate sagacity as required when meeting with Asian leaders (irrespective of their unsavoury character) as needed when the possibility of PEACE is paramount. The Fake News did not show this video on their programs because by any standard of logic and fairness it highlighted a great rapport between the two men even though they were at each other’s throat only a few months ago.


2 – Only a few days after Trump’s meeting with Kim (12th June 2018), already the remains of several Missing In Action American troops have been returned and more to come. All the other previous presidents since Truman (1953-2016) had failed. Yet the Fake News Media are as usual deafeningly SILENT.

3 – On the same day that Trump met Kim in Singapore, Justin Trudeau of Canada did the unthinkable: He supported the motion of the Conservative opposition NOT to open diplomatic relations with the Ayatollahs of Iran and to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a TERRORIST entity thus going in line with President Trump against the feckless and spineless members of the European Union. The Fake News Media is SILENT.

4 – The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford has utterly demolished Trudeau’s liberal party in the latest election. He is Canada’s Trump against Trudeau, Canada’s despicable Obama. This is the best news coming from Canada so far. Hopefully more to follow. 

5 – The new Italian government is NOT allowing 670 so called refugees from landing in Italy and rightly so. Had any of the previous governments done so, there would have been no INVASION of Europe by the soldiers of Islam and the existential threat they are causing to European Civilization.

6 – Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, has closed seven mosques and deporting 60 Imams because they are subverting the rule of law and endangering the welfare of Austrians thus prompting the Turkish Hitler Erdogan to say “this is the start of war between the Cross and the Crescent”.

This Muslim Pathological liar is ignoring the FACT that Muslims have been conducting Total War against the Cross for 1400 years and continuing. It is about time that treasonous and treacherous Turkey under Erdogan should be removed from NATO since there is no more Soviet Union.

7 – Merkel of Germany is in trouble with her coalition since more and more politicians are heeding the concerns of Germans regarding Immigrants and Immigration. In a few days’ time she may be either removed or new elections have to be started once again with the almost certain possibility that more Germans will vote Right than ever before.

8 – Once more in Iran, the young people after a football match (15th June 2018) were chanting and celebrating “Reza Shah” in memory of the Shah of Iran 1925—1941.

I assert once more that President Trump must take heed of what is happening in Iran and should meet with the son of the late Shah to make it clear to the suffering Iranian people that they can have an alternative government backed by the USA and help instigate a popular upheaval to overthrow the despotic regime of the Mullahs.

9 – Although the UN once again gang raped Israel declaring her the aggressor vis a vis the terrorists of Hamas, the results of the vote were remarkable because those who opposed Nikki Haley’s resolution against Hamas had 58 out of 193 voting states of which 56 are MUSLIM states; thus it was a resounding DEFEAT for the Arabs.

The European Union is self-destructing over the issues of Nationalism and Patriotism as you are reading this article. More and more people are literally throwing away the shackles  of Political Correctness gone insane. They want borders, the rule of law on immigration and most important of all the saving of Western Civilization.

Donald J Trump is not only the President of the USA but he is also becoming the de facto President of every freedom loving country on Earth. Since Trump took office, his message of patriotism is resonating in many European and other countries whose peoples have had enough of liberal-leftist utterly insane Globalism and Open Borders.