The Political Charade | There is a media narrative that is very dangerous to freedom as the propaganda machine pump up the polls in that Trump is far behind, and then they immediately exploit the fact that Trump had thousands of empty seats at the last rally, therefore his popularity is declining. There are so many untruths in that one statement, it would take a bestseller to explain it all, or you could just listen to Viewpoint and get the facts. Impact of Protest, Riots – COVID Resurfaces | As the media reports, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee and Utah all are reporting their highest-ever daily caseloads of people infected with Covid. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told reporters Friday that “nothing has changed in the last week” and the surge was the result of a “test dump.” When you see a man by himself in the car with a mask on his face, you just know that they have accomplished their goal. Silence of Media, Peaceful Protests vs Rally | As the media has been supporting and promoting “peaceful protests” aka: rioting, assaults, burning buildings, destroying property, vandalizing monuments and statues⏤the media talking heads are troubled to put it mildly, with the Trump Campaign in that they would have a rally putting people’s lives in danger. Trump Signs Executive Order to Increase Penalties for Damaging Monuments | President Trump signed an executive order calling on the U.S. government to prosecute individuals who damage statues or monuments and to limit federal support to states and law-enforcement agencies that don’t protect them. U.S. Supreme Court declines Texas Democrats’ request to allow all Texans to vote by mail | This will become one of the premiere issues in 2020 and beyond. As an example, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill this week that requires county officials to mail a ballot to every registered voter for the November election – what could possibly go wrong with this scenario? We will clear up the difference between what Newsom has authorized and what many voters enjoy now in select states by mailing their vote in. 

Michael Johns is the National co-founder and leader of the Tea Party Movement. A former White House speechwriter and a Policy Analyst with The Heritage Foundation.

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Why Did Kim Jong-un’s Sister  Become the Face of North Korea? | Kim Yo-jong, the only sister of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, is now setting the tone of the country’s foreign policy. But why is that, and why are there no reports from major news outlets? There is much more to this story, and we’ll fill the blanks in for you. Black Lives Matter Protests Turn Violent Across Europe | Riot police fired tear gas and charged at violent protesters at an anti-racism rally in Paris, in London protesters clashed with anti-racism demonstrators and the police. Why has the George Floyd incident reverberated around the world? The implications of this movement are significant and far reaching.

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator and host.

A Case for WAR | When the American people are not just divided in thought or understanding, but in the very nature of who we are as a people and a nation, we are truly in a dangerous place; such is where the seeds of revolution are sowed. These two sides have no choice but to square off and have at it, we are that divided along these lines, the evidence is clear. The rhetoric of both sides is already engaged in open warfare, most of the media has chosen sides and promotes only that which lends itself to the destruction of liberty and the diminution of personal freedom in the name of utilitarian fairness at all costs.

Lt Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security and host of Chasing Justice.

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