The Poisons of Perfection

Do you strive for excellence in your work, life and relationships? Is it possible that this pursuit for excellence crosses over into the realm of perfectionism? Do the people in your life see the real you or are you protecting yourself with a perfectly coiffed social mask? So what are those positions of perfection?

Truth is, many of us suit up every day trying to avoid showing our imperfections. Our culture is obsessed with appearances and image and this constant barrage of perfection is impacting our ability to connect authentically with one another. Kathy Potts, debunks the myths of perfection in this real, raw and vulnerable discussion. Presented are pitfalls of perfection and the gifts of imperfection.

Which do you choose to
show the world?

Kathy Potts-Schissler: CEO Destination Breakthrough, Kathy is a dynamic speaker, trainer, leadership coach and facilitator for grace retreats. When you encounter a life-changing experience, you are never the same again. Destination Breakthrough is dedicated to providing leaders and teams with life-changing experiences that get to the core of who they are, what their mission is and what they need to do to bring these together to make it happen.

She sits alongside leaders and teams to help them optimize their strengths, identify and work through their barriers, using values that ensure they stay aligned to a purpose. She begins the change process by taking the scientifically validated CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile to target developed, and undeveloped skills and drivers. This in-depth assessment allows her to direct her clients toward heightened emotional intelligence.

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