The power behind all the violence now visiting America’s streets, is easily described by one word: “evil!” its handmaiden is “hate” and its goal, a “One World Government!” Christians and Jews who believe in scripture know it to be true and understand the consequences if that evil is allowed to continue. It’s morally wrong to continue down this path, so it’s time to choose!

The modern face of evil is the Democrat Party. It has unleashed on America all the known evils once thought safely locked away within the secure confines of Pandora’s legendary box. In their shock of losing to Donald Trump, they opened the lid and unloosed the ‘Hades of hell’. But, what to do? The Democrats won’t stop the evil because they are it!

They publicly eliminated God from their deliberations and are feverishly working to totally eliminate God from American culture or, they won’t be able to survive. Without God, evil is unstoppable. It’s time to choose.

Democrats want to take us into the dark corners of perverted wickedness where their evil exists undisturbed. In the minds of dependent weaklings, demigod politicians and One World Government proponents whose entire existence is dedicated to accumulation of power and vast wealth by stealing it from the people. If we don’t want to go there with them, like a flock of sheep, then it’s time to choose. America is the worlds’ last hope for independence, self-reliance and the individual freedom to make one’s own decisions, without government help.

Those millennials’ who think that America must change to some form of unworkable wicked Socialism should start considering their future retirement plans such as what country to flee to when the despots start rounding up those who don’t agree with them for reeducation, imprisonment or elimination.

Totally controlled through terror, threats and intimidation is how the totalitarian state must operate to survive! Socialists won’t willingly give up power, it has to be beaten out of them. Who will do it for us? I nominate Donald Trump, but he needs our help!

America has been successful for over two hundred and forty-f0ur years, the “Shining City on the Hill” so to speak, that has drawn immigrants wanting to be Americans, for decades. Social errors of the past have been addressed and corrected as enlightenment in social conditions have improved through the medium of peaceful protest, engaging the powers of government through elected Representatives and effecting needed positive changes, until now that is! It’s time to choose or soon, we may follow the Venezuelan model into the oblivion of the human spirit.

The Democrats battlecry of hate is to insist that government, especially the forces of Law and Order, are “systematically” racist. No, it isn’t! Laws have changed all that! It’s only the Democrat Party that clings to its systemic racism and nobody cares. It’s time to choose. Fight or flight! 

Our streets are filled with “know nothings,” hate motivated youths, mostly whites, pretending they can force the populations of cities and towns into becoming “Woke” converts through terror. They call themselves “Anti Fascists” and Black Lives Matter groupies, but, well, let’s cut to the chase, these people aren’t peaceful protesters, they are National Socialists. They are copies of the Brown Shirts that terrorized the streets of Germany so many decades ago and drove the German people into the hands of the first serious aspirant for leadership of a One World Government, Adolph Hitler.

That fanciful baton has been passed to a secret collective of wannabe billionaire despots who gather annually at Davos, Switzerland to plot the demise of the only obstacle still in their way, the USA and its patriotic leader Donald Trump who refuse to subscribe to their siren call to go along with their nefarious scheme to control the world.

It’s time to choose!

Remember, freedom is the goal, The Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!