People waiting for the “October Surprise,” can relax now. That anticipated and frequently shocking event that comes around every four years just before presidential elections, has occurred and it wasn’t another cunning Democrat scheme to entrap a hated president into giving up. This one was actually sprung by the President himself to literally destroy the credibility of the Deep States Establishment leadership who plotted, conspired, lied and put into motion, the treasonous coup against him. The surprise was John Brennan’s revealing memo to his master!

Secret plots with too many participants in on the secret, invariably go awry. The plot against President Trump was allegedly concocted against the remote possibility that Donald Trump could actually win the stacked 2016 election. A counter plot against the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s own problems for destroying email evidence, was apparently the Clinton driven motive that started this whole thing.

The weakness of such hurried plots, felonious acts in and of themselves⏤is that they require other people to commit felonies too. Political schemes, apart from trying to destroy one leader, have to protect their leaders.

Underlings, if things go astray, are expected to accept they did their duty, salute smartly and quietly disappear (or die). That is the exploitable weakness for investigators to pursue and as the plotters scheme against Trump started to be exposed with push back on phony arrests of Trump associates and the whole stupid premise that Trump was a Russian agent was unprovable, the web of lies could no longer sustain the weight of their scheme.

In desperation, demented Congressional cretins lined up impeachment hearings after a two year special investigation failed to prove their phony assertions. Soon, the energy of such machinations start to wan and when the dangers to one’s personal liberty becomes apparent the rats flee the sinking ship and the inevitable collapse is just around the corner.

Trump ordered the declassification of all the documents associated with the tawdry FBI and DoJ business, and there, was former CIA Director John Brennan’s hand written memo to Barack Obama, screaming out their complicity.

All is revealed. Hillary is exposed as the author of the felonious scheme to protect her from the felonies she committed as Secretary of State, ie: destroying the thousands of subpoenaed emails and devices under the guise of being a high public servant and of course, all Liberals fall back position: she meant well. Brennan’s note now includes Barack Obama as a co-conspirator to Clinton’s scheme as another felon. Sad, very sad!

One would expect their couldn’t have been worse news for a political party, especially a corrupt one, than to realize and accept that their candidate Joe Biden, is a complete nincompoop and their second choice, Kamala Harris, was not even wanted by the electorate and now, nothing can be done about it except to still attack and try to destroy President Trump.

To perpetrate a hoax, one as vast, complicated and damaging to American solidarity as was the Russian Hoax, launched the Leftist Deep State elites against candidate and then President Donald Trump, turned out to be an expensive exercise and waste of taxpayer resources by demented progressives, determined to make America Socialist. It didn’t work!

Democrats have to go into damage control. Trump warned us, “They’re not after him, they’re after us. He’s just in their way!” They’ve failed, If we can’t expect some firing squad acton, can we at least expect some prison time?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, Now, let’s go vote!