It is naïve to think that Iran does not already have a nuclear bomb, as well as the delivery system to deploy it. If we are not ready to assume they do, we are putting our nation in the path of a nuclear confrontation that could easily trigger a new world war.

When the Democrat candidates on the CNN stage began talking about how the U.S. needs to “de-escalate our conflict with Iran”, it made me realize – not for the first time – that the American left is trying to drag us into a fantasy world that doesn’t exist.

It isn’t up to us to de-escalate with Iran. We didn’t start this. And we’ve tried this before. Senior members of the Obama administration sat down with Iranian leaders in an international discussion for many months, and we bought their lies and paid a heavy price for an ‘agreement’. Obama and his representatives at the table ignored the nuclear threat that Iran represents and enabled that terror-supporting, nuclear-power-seeking nation to design its own path to achieve its nuclear goals within ten years. He agreed to a deal that lacked even the minimum protections, and he secured it with billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer cash.

Obama got snookered, because today the Iranians are no longer hiding their intentions and they are determined to achieve their nuclear goals much sooner, regardless of the promises they made in the JCPOA.

Iran has been building a nuclear capability for many years, teaming up with Russia, and China, and North Korea to create a nuclear nightmare that the world has not yet even begun to understand. In 2012, they even moved major parts of their nuclear development to North Korea, in order to avoid the oversight of UN inspectors.

There, in the northeast corner of the hermit kingdom, they worked together on developing plutonium bombs and effective delivery systems for their missiles. And, using North Korean slave labor, they built a huge underground testing facility in Punggye-ri, where they regularly tested their progress beneath Mount Mantap. The joint venture apparently collapsed in early 2018, along with the collapse Mount Mantap, when too many nuclear blasts finally weakened the mountain’s internal structure. Iran brought its nuclear program home, with all of its achievements and new technology.

Today, Iran’s landscape is dotted with reactors, enrichment plants, research centers, missile silos, and storage and test sites. Iran has made an art form of disguising what it does not want UN inspectors to see.

How dangerous is Iran with a nuclear bomb?

Which brings us to the question: how dangerous is a nuclear-armed Iran? They have said over and over again that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. And yet, no major public event is complete without masses of people chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. The answer to that question is that Iran, with a nuclear military  capability, could be positively deadly.

So here is another question:  Are they serious? Even if they are capable, are they willing to actually risk bombing the U.S. or Israel with a nuclear weapon? Are they really willing to take that chance?

Count on it! The leaders of Iran are not rational actors as they consider how to use their new nuclear power. They are driven by a theology that drives them to aspire to world domination. And their tradition and the teachings of their religious books tell them that they will succeed. For them, the end times are now, and their role, as they see it, is to hasten the coming of the 12th “hidden” Mahdi – their Messiah.

And, as I have said before, it doesn’t matter if we think that they can’t possibly carry out such evil plans. If they believe they can do it, they will do everything possible to make it happen.

They are not building their offensive nuclear capability for peaceful purposes. Instead, they have been enriching their nuclear stockpile beyond the levels they agreed to in the JCPOA, and they are building and displaying a whole family of missiles with which to deliver the bombs they are also making.

This is the country that has been indiscriminately attacking international shipping in the Strait of Hormuz, taking U.S. drones out of the sky, and hijacking ships in international waters. So if Iran does have a nuclear bomb – completed and ready to deploy – it would fit into the scenario that they have been framing for the last few months.

And the possibility is more than an academic exercise in a military war room, it is probable and even likely.

So what can the Trump administration do to respond to this unproven threat? 

Let’s look at the options: Trump is under fire from the left for virtually every move he makes. He is criticized for Iran’s aggressive attacks on shipping and drones, although he inherited that situation that began long before he became President. And when he considered a retaliatory strike (and then cancelled it) after our drone was destroyed, he was called a warmonger by the chorus on the left.

The reality is this: no matter how President Trump responds to a proven nuclear threat from Iran, he will be criticized harshly by the left, particularly in the current political environment, driven by the hot-headed political contest for the 2020 elections.

But that shouldn’t matter. If Iran should use its nuclear capability in a direct strike on an American asset or on our country itself, any action that the President takes will be damned by the left.

And why should he care when the bottom line is that America is in mortal danger? Their opinion, at this stage, is beside the point. What is the point is that our nation is at high risk from a rogue, terror-supporting regime with a nuclear bomb. And to leave such an attack unanswered would be even more deadly. And our President is not likely to do that.

And here is another, even more likely scenario. Suppose Iran uses its nuclear capability to bomb Israel. Israel is far smaller than the U.S. and it’s geographically closer to Iran. What should our President do then? And what will Israel do?

In such a situation, the President has few options, and Israel has only one. Israel, like Iran, has a strong nuclear capability, and one its leaders will not hesitate to use if they are facing a nuclear attack from Iran. If it is possible, they will pre-empt an Iranian attack. And if they cannot pre-empt it, they will respond with a fierceness that will create massive destruction to Iran’s core infrastructure and future capabilities.

In such a circumstance, Trump will undoubtedly come to Israel’s military aid, with whatever capabilities it can to deny Iran the possibility of any further attacks. And this help will also protect the U.S. as well as support our ally as it fights for its life.

Will the politicians and political talkers on the left object? Probably, but the American public will, I think, largely understand what is at stake and, leaving the politics aside, support the President.

This is a crazy world we are living in, where a lot of what people are saying and what is actually happening on the ground makes no sense at all. Iran’s new nuclear capability is a threat to us all. And the only wise and sensible thing is to acknowledge it and be prepared to combat it at every opportunity.

This is not war-mongering. This is strategically essential for the future of the West. And it may be the only thing that will save us from the beginning of World War III.