The coming civil war in America becomes a more realistic possibility every day whether we like it or not. Let’s look at the facts and ask a few clarifying questions;

1. Are we going to be able to repair the deep divisions in our people? 

How will that happen? How will we heal wounds when the cause of these wounds are so deep, in fact it is my belief that we are at the beginning of the end of the era of the Constitutional America, the traditional America, the America of the past. 

2. Will the current divide between our people come to an end by agreement between us?

Can we envision a time when those on the left will change their minds on the need for socialism and move back towards the more traditional America of our founding? Does anyone see that taking place anytime soon? 

Can we envision a time when the people on the right suddenly see the value of socialism and big government running everything and abandon the capitalist structure of the USA and the traditional America we all grew up in?

I don’t see either of these two possibilities occurring any time soon, which means we are left with the only real possibility: the current state of agitation, militant actions by the left, heightened rhetoric from the leadership to “Resist”, and the growing incidents of violence becoming the norm. The genie will not go back into the bottle and it does not appear as though we will get any help from the leaders on the right who seem paralyzed and without any direction or courage.

My thoughts turn then to what will the next America look like, because make no mistake it does not seem possible to change this current direction we are on. Even if the republicans hold the house and the senate, does anyone believe that a simple defeat at the voting booth is going to stem this tide? It may slow it momentarily but look at the result of the last election; it is the cause of the insurrection we see developing every day across our country. 

With the extreme behaviors and calls for violence we have seen by main stream leaders on the left and the blatant disregard of the rule of law and the constitution does anyone believe that they will allow the will of the people to stop their movement, or does the evidence in front of us make it clear that a defeat at the ballot box will not stop the current pace of events, but will in fact accelerate it. This is the nature of revolution. 

3. If we cannot stop these changes what will happen next?

History is a great guide for how the events of today can unfold. There is only two ways to end a revolt; put it down with violence or one side wins by winning over the population with words and calls to a greater future.

If one side can convince the other through words that they hold the answer to a better future then the transition will be a peaceful one and a new American era will emerge, either a Socialist America or a traditional capitalist America will regain national support.  

Does anyone feel like changing their minds and accepting the other guys solution? I don’t think so, I’m not willing to live in a Socialist America, are you? Do we think the elites in the media, and in our government, in Hollywood, among the antifa movement, the mobs in the street and in the world of academia are ready to give up their quest for the utopian socialist society they envision? I don’t see that either.

So here we are. History tells us we are headed down a bad road. If we can’t talk our way out of this moment in time – the alternatives look bleak. I hate the idea of accepting the obvious, I want to hold out hope that the vast majority of Americans are the silent majority who will not let this nation as it was founded, slip away, but that requires bold leadership and guts to make a stand. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone willing to do it except the current president and he is attacked from both sides, because both sides are part of the problem. We are all then, left on our own to ride this out. 

So, what will the next America look like?  I’m not sure, it could go either way. 

One possible road includes the defining word: Schism. 

As defined by the dictionary:  SCHISM   /ˈs(k)izəm/
noun a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

This definition seems to really describe where we are at as a nation, especially in light of the answers to the questions I have posed in this article. How would a schism of such magnitude manifest itself? 

Two new countries can emerge: Left America, a socialist bastion where all of their political goals and hopes would be realized and lived out every day by the citizens. And Right America, where traditional constitutional underpinning and constitutional guidelines would rule the day.

The two new countries would have to meet to decide where the physical split would take place of course. Left America could perhaps take everything north of Delaware and Right America everything south of Delaware. Our populations could move to their new country of choice and they could begin the business living with their choices, happy and content to finally realize their dreams of the proper America, without interference from the other side. 

This might work out, but of course we can turn to history for some guidance. It seems pretty clear from all the evidence we have available that before too long a wall or fence would be needed between the two new countries, one country would need the wall to keep people in, and one would need the wall to keep people out. I’m no prophet but I can guess which one would need the wall to keep people in.

This would then require some rules, like “No take backs”. Once you choose your country it’s yours forever, you can’t begin to rethink your choice because of the outcome of your decision. As an example, say you chose Right America, and after a while you get sick of all that freedom and reliance on yourself, you begin to yearn for a place where the government will make all your life decisions, raise your kids, determine your speech codes, take most of your money and assign you a role in society, for the good of everyone, where it is fair, no matter what. Well if that is what you want you should have chosen Left America, and the new rules say you cannot jump the fence, you are stuck with your decision. 

Likewise, if you chose Left America and realized one day that you are in a completely equal society where everyone is the same, has the same, thinks the same, and follows orders the same and that gets boring for you – Too bad you must stick with your choice. 

This might work out after all, and it seems we are all currently choosing our sides. Only time will tell I suppose, but time doesn’t sit still. Change is coming.

What do you think America will look like and which country would you choose?

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