Obama’s administration was a dedicated exercise in anti-Americanism, wallowing in hypocrisy and racism unequaled both in its ineptitude and the lasting damage they committed upon the American People. They did it all in the name of hope and change. It was a criminal reign of rapacious failure that Trump, we had hoped, would put an end to. But alas, it has reared its ugly head again with the presidential imposter and China Joe Biden, racing to sign as many Executive Orders that his masters can push under his pen to neutralize Trump’s successful pro-American programs. China Joe is a criminal and a Maoist Fellow Traveller.

The ultimate goal is the New World Order, and make no mistake, China will become our masters if they succeed.

Alarmed citizens, now keenly aware that Trump’s election was undoubtedly stolen by fraud, stealth, and connivance, can only watch impotently as our borders are being flooded again by illegal-aliens from third world countries and Islamic terrorists. Our prisons are releasing the worst of felons back onto our streets, and crime is rising.

Our oil energy needs are being returned to other sources to be replaced by inefficient and expensive green energy schemes that are promoted over common sense and cost-effectiveness. World Climate Change is a scam.

The tactics of diversions are conning us by fear in the fog of politics. Look at that awful Marjorie Taylor Greene; see how Conservatism has spawned the evils of domestic terrorism; demean the second amendment, but never mind the black-on-black gun murder rate in Chicago, Baltimore, and many other Blue cities. To point it out is to be racist.

To doubt the fairness of the imposter Biden’s election outcome is to practice blasphemous witchcraft that should get you banned from using your first amendment rights. To even think you need to defend yourself with firearms is a mark of mental derangement. Red Flag laws should take care of that. The government will protect you. Get used to it—all distractions.

While we sit around wondering what to do and how to do it, i.e., to get America back into Trump’s hands again or someone like him, the Left, ignoring the Constitution and even court orders unless it suits them, pushes their goal of a New World Order.

It appears that even the courts have abandoned their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution as well.

Remember that all politics are local because state legislators sit at the very heart of our constitutional system and actually possess the power to force changes in federal lawmaking. They just don’t know it. That means local politicians need to be educated in their actual Constitutional duties, not only agreeing to what the Left has told them how it is supposed to work. We need to make ’em do it; Our locals spend more time in the fog, it seems, than is safe.

Georgia’s political non-response to its own election fraud has shown the rest of us that our local representatives aren’t our representatives. They can influence the Constitutional amendment process and actually reform our states’ election laws but will they? Who thought mail-in ballots were fair? A Marxist did, and our nincompoop Secretary of State, not knowing Georgia’s Constitution or his role in it, arbitrarily and unlawful negotiated changes to Stacey Abrams’ whining that, in the end, lost our two senate seats to communists. He couldn’t do that, but our legislatures apparently were okay with it because nothing got done at all to correct the damage.

Another priority now is to ask all candidates and incumbents exactly what is the level of their financial involvement with the Chinese Communist party and demand an answer. Nobody gets off the hook on that one, not even China Joe. It will come back to get him. We’ve got work to do!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now. go do get ’em!