If, my friends, you feel like you are living in a lunatic asylum in the past few days and are asking yourself if it’s really that bad or perhaps you are losing your mind, I have both good and bad news for you. Let’s start with the good: you are not insane. And now to the bad: you are not insane.

All Bolshevik revolutions, starting with the one in Russia 103 years ago and on to the Chinese, the Cuban, the Cambodian, etc. go through three distinct phases. First, there is the kick-off, the “off to the races” sound of a Bolshevik takeover of power, either before or after a bloody civil war. This is the official beginning of Phase I, but it is only news to the rest of us. The Bolsheviks have been planning this for years, sometimes decades. Phase I is the bat-sh*t crazy phase. It is the phase in which the real powers that be behind the useful idiots let the lunatics run the asylum. Run it into the ground, that is. This is not, as far as they are concerned, a bad thing or an undesirable side-effect. Au contraire, it is precisely what they want.

As Lenin had famously remarked at the beginning of the Russian phase of craziness, “the worse things are, the better they are.” This is the phase in which slogans like “Hippety Hoppety Abolish Private Property” are actually allowed to happen. In Russia, they really abolished ALL private property when the Reds won the Russian civil war and consolidated their power in 1919 – 1920. They also abolished the things we know of as “currency”, “money”, “law”, and “police”. Sounds familiar?

In a bizarre twist that may yet also happen in America, they forced Russian women to sexually service strange men because it would have been “uncomradely” of them to withhold something they had the power to give. They also forced the wrong kind of people (in America, that would be whites) to beg for their lives in bizarre displays of self-abasement like prostrating themselves on the floor, wearing dunce caps, etc. Ring a bell? 

Then there is the best part: the violent orgy of destruction of national treasures that just a few days ago seemed utterly sacrosanct and totally noncontroversial. The Russian Bolsheviks burned priceless icons, many of them dating back to the early Middle Ages. They destroyed statues and demolished churches, cathedrals, and monasteries, not bothering to repurpose their buildings (in most cases), but simply demolishing them brick by brick. Book shelves and libraries were “de-tsarified”. Possession of these banned materials became a serious crime. Can you hear me now, America?

Now, of course, no country can function without money, law enforcement, schools, universities, factories, etc., so Phase I inevitably leads to a precipitous death spiral into anarchy, economic collapse, and literal mass death. This is all as it should be, because next comes the kick-off of Phase II – the purge.  

At this time, the ideologues who ran Phase I get blamed for “excesses” that led to the destruction of the country and receive their obligatory bullet to the back of the head. The real powers behind the revolution come forward to collect their prize: unlimited power.

Then they set about using this unlimited power to satisfy their boundless egos. They try to micro-manage and control everything from Jane’s Corner Café and Uncle Joe’s Shoe Repair to the military-industrial complex. Compared to the death spiral of Phase I, this is an improvement. Trains begin to run on time. Gangs of starving orphans disappear from city streets, sent to starve to death elsewhere out of sight. This is the totalitarian Phase of Bolshevik revolutions, which often lasts many decades and in the grey horror of which many people live out the remainder of their miserable lives, if they are among the lucky ones to have survived Phase I.

But soon, Jane’s Corner Café, with Jane herself long since shot for actually starting it and making it a “thing”, serves only one type of coffee and one type of pastry, both the barely palatable kind. Uncle Joe’s Shoe Repair had long been out of business because the geniuses running the economy forgot to keep making adhesives and there is no foreign currency with which to import them, and the aircraft factories are churning out product that is much less safe, more polluting, and lower-performing than their foreign competitors. In their desperation, the grey apparatchiks that inherited power from the original “brilliant” revolutionaries begin to dismantle every environmental and safety regulation that had ever existed. Chernobils, mass deforestations, and decades shaved off average life expectancy soon follow. 

Cue Phase III: “reform”, “loosening of the bolts”, perestroika. This is where Russia, China, and Cuba are right now. Totalitarian government, hybrid economy. Small and medium enterprises are encouraged and in a climate of near zero regulation and a need for everything, they thrive. But soon as “medium” becomes large, it is infiltrated and in essence taken over by the State. If you think Russia and China actually have large private enterprise, you haven’t been paying attention. They do not. This phase is rather a stable one. It is essentially how things have always been in most of Earth’s polities. Democratic republics, after all, are mere exceptions because they can only work for exceptional people, people who prefer death to loss of freedom.

America used to have such people once, but that was a long time ago. Today, most Americans cannot even detach themselves from the Matrix-like intravenous drip of “The Bachelor” and the Food Network long enough to notice that the Bolshevik takeover of their country HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Mesmerized by the “Dow” and the “Nasdaq”, they fail to see that all of the crazy sh*t of Phase I bolshevism is happening in America right now as we speak.

Police? Does anyone in America believe that the country has functioning law enforcement right now? That any police officer would actually try to apprehend a black suspect? Don’t people see how law enforcement kneels when arson, looting, and even bodily harm and attempted murder are taking place in front of their very eyes? No, my friends, there is no more law enforcement in America. Neither in big cities nor in small, neither in “blue” states, nor in “red”. It is simply no more.

Private property? How can it exist when the law fails to protect it? You may feel that you own stuff like your home or your car, but it is only because the mob hasn’t come for it yet. It’s a big country after all. Everything in good time.

Wholesale destruction of priceless national cultural treasures? Happening as I am writing these lines. Statues are being destroyed, monuments defaced, army bases renamed, movies and books banned. Want to see “Gone with the Wind” again? Tough luck unless you happen to own a copy on DVD because all the steaming services just deleted it from their servers.

Money? It’s fake. It exists only as micro-amps, a few electrons running around your liquid crystal display. Unfortunately for you, these electrons do not do your bidding, but rather the bidding of the Bolshevik revolutionaries that had taken over America. Today, they are “yours” and you can use them to buy a cup of coffee. Tomorrow, they won’t be.

For whatever reason, a reason that can only be attributed to inertia, Americans yet believe that their country is governed from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. Alas, this belief has no foundation in fact and bears no empirical scrutiny.

All of the White House and half the congress in under so-called Republican, i.e. at least somewhat “conservative” control. So is the Supreme Court. Do you really believe that any of these people, be they President Trump, Mitch McConnell, or John Roberts have anything to do with running the country right now? If so, do you believe that they are behind the burning of American cities, the wholesale destruction of America’s heritage, the collapse in law and order? Have they ordered any of this to happen? And yet, it is happening and all they can do is watch. 

You are clinging, perhaps to some vestigial wishful thinking. They saved that DC church and the White House “only” had to be barricaded, you say. National Guard, you say. Of course, the one thing that you are still free to do in America is delude yourself, but why would you want to?

Whoever is running America, they are not in DC. Your elected officials have surrendered the levers of power; some sold them, others just failed to protect them and had them taken away for free. The show is being run from elsewhere. You are ruled not from the neo-classical buildings in the national and state capitals, buildings that will soon be torn down for their “imperial” and “racist” origins, but from Silicon Valley, from Beijing, from Brussels, and from Davos.

The useful idiots have been unleashed and Phase I is well underway in America.

Feeling out of sorts lately? You’d be insane not to.

Image: CGTN