The National GOP Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, wants a “deep data dive” to figure out what went wrong for the GOP in the House midterm elections. Wow! Save your money Ronna, it’s no secret out here! First, take your head’s out of your arse’s! Trump is winning. Embrace him for it.

Actually, a wide swath of RINO congressmen, fearing defeat by an anti-Trump “Blue-Wave” landslide vote against him and his supposed supporters (them), at once threw in the towel, announced their retirements and left all those seats open for Primary challenge. It is no surprise that those GOP congressmen revealed themselves as weaklings, never worthy of holding office in the first place. Their careers were secured by joining the “Deep State” and that’s how they voted.  

These were people possessed of no principles and lacked the stomach for the battle. They stood as anti-Trumpers who reveled quietly in their lowly position in the shallow end of the political swamp and were too late realizing their error. Apparently, they also lacked the vision to see what working America wanted, a Republican party that would stand up to the Democrat Marxist nonsense being foisted upon the American public; a fighter who would lead the charge and stand contemptuous of the political way’s of the DC Deep State, and not afraid to challenge the Status Quo.

We got a President who filled that leadership void immediately; a leader who refused to take any more crap off the Marxist Democrat party and their syncopates in the media who have made lying an art form by refusing to print the stories that matter, twist the truth about those that don’t and create fake news when necessary.

American’s are fed up with the flood of socialism sweeping over our country that expects  everybody must accept sexual perversion as natural because 1% of the population demands it, while denying the moral lessons from our long Judeo-Christian history. We’re tired of pretending Islam is a religion of peace when daily, daily, islamists perpetrate vicious and heinous crimes all over the world under the stupid precept that Sharia law is legitimate and okay’s it. Nonsense!

John McLaughlin, political pollster said: “There needs to be an honest post-election autopsy – without spin — on what went wrong and why the Republicans lost the majority,.” I can tell you right now, as long as old guard Republican’s are involved in conducting this “open and honest” autopsy, we’ll never advance. McLaughlin added: “The reality is, a lot of money was wasted on data and ground game, which should have been spent on messaging and candidates.” He’s correct on that point so why waste more money? The secret lies in finding real conservative candidates. They will not be found in the GOP’s nether regions.

Ronna McDaniel, must re-energize the Tea Party movement that rose up with Obama’s depredations and search those ranks for acceptable conservative candidates who fits the profile of the GOP’s outcasts, the Freedom Caucus, who managed to get rid of Paul Ryan, not that the demented Nancy Pelosi is any better. Nancy is still the recognized face of the enemy, the gift that can keeps on giving, but only if conservative Republicans do what they were sent there to do, fight!

Trump is a fighter. Trump is the one we’ve been waiting for. One like him won’t come along again for centuries, if ever. America can’t afford to lose Trump. He must be permitted to finish his task. The Democrat party and all its socialist programs must be neutralized.

Remember, our Liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!