Few areas of forensic science have fascinated and disturbed us more than serial killers. In fact, the media attention given to these infamous predators has resulted in wide spread myths and misinformation about what leads to serial murderer and what a serial killer actually looks like. 

Dr. Mike Aamodt

Through his database of over 5000 serial killers, Dr. Mike Aamodt has conducted extensive research into what the data tells us about serial murder, including common patterns of offending, the demographics of the offenders, and the selection of victims. An industrial-organizational psychologist by training and practice, Mike continues to research the police and criminal psychology in order to shed light on how we can use this data to catch killers before they kill again. 

Dr. Mike Aamodt is a professor emeritus at Radford University in Radford, Virginia. Although an industrial-organizational psychologist by training and practice, Mike not only taught courses in forensic psychology, but conducted extensive research in the areas of police and criminal psychology. While at Radford, Mike developed the Radford/FGCU Serial Killer Database, believed to be the largest database of its kind. The database is updated weekly and currently contains information on 5,283 serial killers in both the U.S. and internationally.

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