If I could put my finger on one thing that is changing in America, which affects most every other negative change we see across our nation, it would be accountability.

Think about the volumes that one word speaks. If we were all accountable for our actions, in everything, what a better country we would have, what a better life we would all have. I did say OUR actions, not everyone else’s actions.

If parents held themselves accountable for properly parenting their children and teaching those children to also be accountable for their actions, our children would do far better in school, in relationships, in growing into responsible adults and having a better future. Rather than failing to hold them accountable⏤far too many parents look past and excuse bad behavior of their children, which then encourages more of the same. There is a lack of respect for authority figures such as teachers, police officers, employers, first responders⏤because it has been allowed.

If educators fail kids who don’t deserve to pass, and punish kids who disrupt classes, and hold students accountable to do the work and make the grades or suffer the consequences, they will respond with better grades. If schools and sporting organizations get back to letting kids win and lose, they will learn that lack of effort means you don’t win or get a trophy. Kids have to learn to be accountable for their success and reap the consequences when they fail to be accountable.

If attorneys would make their clients be accountable for their bad behaviors instead of trying to get it excused or blamed on someone else, our dockets would clear out. If judges held criminals accountable rather than letting them off with a light sentence or no sentence, people would understand that they will be held accountable and crime would go down. If judges are accountable, and they should be, they would act in the public interest, not the interest of the criminal. The repeat offenders who are constantly let out of prisons and jails to victimize yet another person would not have that opportunity.

There would be no argument about the 2nd amendment if people held shooters and criminals accountable for their actions rather than an inanimate object.

If politicians were accountable for their actions, they would not be making laws calling felons “justice involved persons”. They are the opposite of accountable and want no one else to be seen as accountable and herein lies our societal downfall.

Judges, politicians and police chiefs have forgotten how to be accountable to we the people that hire and pay them. They have given up on the notion that criminals, drug abusers, drug pushers, gangbangers, and illegal immigrants need more accountability, not less.

Hence, we have repeat offenders on the streets over and over. We have sanctuary cities for illegal border crossers to be protected in, we have police chiefs not working with ICE. We have our streets flooded with homeless and feces and needles. We are in a time where there is a misguided, dysfunctional notion that excusing people from being held accountable is somehow compassionate, when it is exactly the opposite.

Not being held accountable for breaking laws causes more, not less⏤law breaking. It does not allow people to become better; it damns them to repeat the bad behaviors that they get away with. Not only does lack of accountability affect the perpetrator, but it greatly affects everyone they come in contact, especially their victims. Who does this help?

Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle who don’t want to make illegals accountable, or criminals accountable or homeless accountable are destroying our very foundation of what makes a civilized society function for the greater good, which is by people being held accountable for their actions.

This starts at home, and in religious institutions and schools. Without this foundation, we are on shifting sand. We are reaping those horrible consequences now.

We must man-up and repair this by voting out the irresponsible politicians in every local and state and federal office who allow and defend decriminalizing crimes, letting criminals out of jail, wasting your hard earned money on people here illegally rather than those who follow our laws, and those who put their interests over the greater good for Americans.

If we would hold people accountable to be responsible with our money, defend our safety and security from criminals, follow the laws as written and not pick and choose what laws to enforce, society would be so much better. Even the recipients of the misguided compassion would be better off, as a hand up goes much further than a handout.

A world in which we are each accountable for our actions would be a much happier and safer place for all of us. Actions have consequences and our votes have consequences. It’s not about a political party, it is about a future America in which we live by the rule of law and people being accountable for their behaviors and actions that affect the greater good, providing us to live and work in safe and clean environments. The lack of accountability in all government offices is astounding, the fact that we continue to allow it, is even more astounding.