While Americans are mostly concerned with the corona pandemic and the upcoming elections, extremely important other events around the world are almost completely ignored by the mainstream media (MSM).

As you are reading this article, the Christian country of Armenia, is facing the onslaught of Muslim states surrounding her so as to either subjugate or eradicate her. This may read very alarmist to the extreme, but based upon the belief system and the history of Islam, the following facts should shed light upon my concerns.

Armenians were the first people – outside the Holy Land – to accept Christianity in about 301AD. They kept the faith even under the most draconian anti- Christian rules of almost 400 years under the Muslim Ottoman Turks or the Safavid Persians.

Massacres, forced conversions, abductions of tens of thousands of both young girls and boys of Christian Armenians, were conducted by both the Persians and the Turks; yet the Armenians kept their faith.

From 1894 to 1896, Sultan Abdul Hamid II initiated and sanctioned systematic massacres, rapes and plunder of Armenian villages so as to stop them from demanding more freedom under the Ottoman Empire.

When the Young Turks overthrew him, they had no intention of being more liberal to their none Muslim subjects. In fact, their intention was to “Turkify” them.

When WWI started in 1914, Turks sided with Germany while Armenians sided with Christian Russia. As far as the Muslim Turks were concerned, the Armenians were traitors for wanting their country to be liberated from the oppressive boot of the Ottomans.

The worst genocide conducted against the Armenians was started on April 24, 1915 when the Turkish government, arrested and murdered several hundred Armenian intellectuals.

These acts were followed by the rape, enslavement, forced conversions and death marches, that reduced the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire from 2,000,000 in 1915, to 380,000 by 1922.

As always with Muslims, they never acknowledge committing any atrocities, no matter how well documented they are by both themselves and their victims. Therefore, according to all the Turkish governments – and especially under Erdogan – no genocide of Armenians and Greeks was committed by the Turks.

The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus region, surrounded by mostly Muslim hostile states such as Sunni Turkey in the West, Shia Iran in the south, Muslim Azerbaijan in the East, with only Christian Georgia in the North.

Currently, Erdogan of Turkey and the leaders of Azerbaijan accused the Armenians of starting a war that was actually instigated by Azerbaijan.

1400 years ago, Muhammad bin abd Allah, the founder of Islam, was a master of the following:

    1. Projective Identification
    2. The Big Lie
    3. Remember Hudaybiyyah
    4. Take no prisoners (males)

For the last 1400 years, his followers all over Asia, Europe and Africa followed his manner of deception, aggression and genocide.

  1. Projective Identification: To justify any of his horrible transgressions, Muhammad accused his victim(s) to be of the very deeds he was going to do unto them. His followers have been doing the same for 1400 years, including currently.
  2. The Big Lie: Repeat the dishonest accusations so many times, until they become the Truth. The followers of Muhammad recorded, that the Quraysh tribe mistreated Muhammad because of his Islamic beliefs, while totally ignoring the fact, that Muhammad publicly and repeatedly insulted and condemned the pagan beliefs of the Quraysh, yet they did not murder him unlike what current Muslims would do instantly, to anyone who insults Muhammad in any way.
  3. Remember Hudaybiyyah: In 628AD, Muhammad signed the 10 years’ peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah on behalf of the Islamic State of Medina with the pagans of Mecca. On the second year, he falsely – as was and is usual with Muhammad and his followers –  accused the Quraysh of breaking it and hence invaded Mecca.

According to Muhammad’s Quran and Islamic history, no treaty whatsoever between Muslims and none Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels need ever be honoured by Muslims in the long run.

As a perfect example of Islamic duplicity and treachery, in the 20th century, we have had a repeat performance between the so-called Palestinians and Israelis.

10th May 1994, speech by Yasser Arafat, Johannesburg: “This agreement, I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our Prophet Muhammad and Quraish, and you remember the Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and considered it “Sulha Dania” [a despicable truce]. But Muhammad had accepted it and we are accepting now this [Oslo] peace accord (1993).”

Note: Arafat compares the Oslo Accords with the Hudaybiyyah peace treaty; thus terror attacks against Israeli civilians were conducted immediately after that accord.

  1. Take no prisoners: Muhammad used to slaughter the males of the tribes that he accused of aggression so that only the women and children are kept alive for rape and/or sold into slavery.

All the above and more, prove that according to Islam and Muslims, all methods of subterfuge, false propaganda, deception and violence can and must be used to expand Dar al Islam (Territory of Muslims) and the faith of Muslims (Sharia), until such time, that they subjugate the whole world under Islam.

It is beyond comprehension and beneath contempt, that the most persecuted people on Earth in the 21stcentury are Christians by Muslims in Asia and Africa, yet almost the entirety of the MSM, the so called Christian clergy, Academics, Theologians, Politicians and Christian leaders are deafeningly silent about this subject.

The worst offender in this matter has been Pope Francis, who is more concerned with the alleged plight of Muslim ‘refugees’, than the persecution of his Christian followers. He is deliberately misleading not only his 1,200,000,000 Catholic followers, but also the whole of Christendom when he is kissing the Grand Imam of al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the most fundamentalist Christian hater in Sunni Islam.

How is it conceivable that Francis, and almost the entirety of his bishops and cardinals, are totally ignorant of the hatemongering verses that fill the pages of Muhammad’s Quran about the Christian Trinity?

In fact, the same question should be asked from all the Christian leaders, politicians, MSM, academicians and theologians of Europe, Latin Americans, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

All these Western leaders are complicit with the Muslims in the systematic and relentless persecution of Christians, since they are being oblivious or deliberately uncaring about the repeated and daily reported, mass murders, abductions, rapes and forced conversions perpetrated by Muslims in Africa (Boko Haram, al Shabab, etc.) and Asia (ISIS, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Hamas, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).

How is it conceivable that not a single Christian leader is willing to stand up in defence of Christians, while Muslims would raise heaven and Earth in defence of their co-religionists all over the world, using the most monstrous lie of Islamophobia?

In the last few months especially, the Islamist dictator of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been extremely provocative against Christianity by turning the Hagia Sophia Cathedral from a museum to a mosque.

For almost a decade, Erdogan has been attempting to be the leader of Sunni Islam, just as his ancestors were in the Ottoman Empire. He literally demolished all the secular vestiges that the father of the Turkish Republic Kemal Ata Turk instituted after WWI, and reduced the Turks to be again vassals of Sharia.

Because of his dictatorial policies, Turkey’s economy is in a freefall, thus requiring a face saving exit strategy. As invariably with despots, they resort to war to hopefully unite the populace behind them. Erdogan is speaking and acting aggressively with none Muslim countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

Azerbaijan and Iran also need a distraction and the best in the 21st century is to pick on a weak Christian country such as Armenia and attempt to gang rape her.

The only Christian country that can be able to save Armenia is Russia, which has been trying to establish a ceasefire, while each side is accusing the other from breaking it.

According to the historical record and to their Quran, Muslims never abide by any agreement made with Infidels/ kuffar as long as they are able to do so.

After WWII, the Jews told themselves and the world “Never Again”. They knew that “Never Again” can never be achieved at the mercy of ‘others’; they therefore went independent of all ‘others’ by going Nuclear, so that in the event of “Never Again” happening, most of their adversaries will be terminated also.

Armenia does not have such weapons, and unfortunately for them, most of the Christians in the world are self destructively Politically Correct, inviting their own and their future generation’s demise.

It is unfathomable how utterly out of touch with reality have been most of the people in Europe and America, no matter how false the Fake News Media are, since the facts staring them in the eye, from alternative sources all over the world prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Muslims are causing unrestricted terror, death and destruction on every habitable continent on Earth