When I think of Hillary Clinton, which isn’t very often since the thought of her makes me feel queasy inside, I can’t help but see her with a somber look on her face standing alongside Barack Obama in front of four flag-draped caskets in a hangar at Joint Base Andrews.

Both Obama and Clinton exhibited the necessary sympathy for the families that lost loved ones in Benghazi. But anyone who knows Obama and Clinton know full well that the somberness of the occasion for them was only about their concerns as to how their failure in Libya was going to affect them both politically.

Sure, it was a shame that the four Americans, including our American ambassador lost their lives needlessly because of Clinton and Obama’s policies, as well as their inaction on September 11, 2012. But they weren’t really anyone of significance to Obama and Clinton. Acceptable losses, no skin off of their noses. As long as the reasons for their loss didn’t come back to bite Obama and Clinton it would be back to normal right after the ceremony.

But not to worry, considering that Obama and Clinton both are major league liars and that they surrounded themselves with advisors of the same ilk, they were pretty confident that they’d be able to cover up anything that might be critical of them. And considering the compliant news media that has covered for these two for many years now, they were correct in their assumption that they’d get away free and clear with little political damage.

After all, look at Susan Rice who was called upon to go on all the national news programs following the Benghazi attacks and spin a false narrative about some YouTube video offending the sensibilities of the peaceful Libyan people. Rice clearly knew that what she was saying was a load of horse-crap, but she dutifully carried out her instructions. She was a team player and what was more important than the loss of lives was to protect Obama and Hillary at all costs.

The same with Hillary’s use of a private, unsecure, unencrypted e-mail server. Hillary and her loyal aides gave no thought to the hundreds, if not thousands of highly classified and sensitive correspondence that Hillary sent back and forth to others, including to Barack Obama.  

Unfortunately she didn’t just share her correspondence with Obama and others in the administration, her correspondence was shared with our adversaries who most certainly intercepted these communications. 

Just as we would do if a senior leader in China, Russia, or Iran stupidly discussed sensitive information over an unsecure system. We’d likely refer to it as ‘the motherlode’, and exploit it as much as possible.

But once again what was foremost in the minds of Obama and Hillary was to cover up. To try to explain away her stupidity as nothing of real significance, Obama even said during a television interview that he didn’t think what Hillary had done⏤harmed national security. He knew better but the default for Obama and Hillary, in fact for all Socialist Democrats nowadays is to lie and deceive. Choosing politics over national security.

Very soon the Department of Justice will be releasing its’ report on the investigation into what happened before, during, and after the 2016 election. It’s very likely going to end up being very embarrassing for a lot of people who served during the Obama Administration. My guess is it will also be very unflattering to Obama and Hillary as well.

But of course one can expect the news media to go into major damage control and do their best to call into question the ‘fairness’ of the investigation. You can also bet money on it that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already drafted the Socialist Democrat talking points, claiming that Attorney General Barr’s investigations are nothing but a political smear.  

Regardless of what happens in the coming days and weeks. There will always be one constant. That is that Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the nation’s highest office. Rivaled only by Barack Obama.