“If I’m your son, what advice would you give me next time I’m pulled over by a police officer”?, asked one of the students in attendance. The Vermont senator hesitated not a second and replied “In a polite way, identify who the police officer is, and I would respect what they are doing so that you don’t get shot in the back of the head”.

I am still livid hours after hearing Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent comments at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum held at the historically Black Benedict College. I suspect that I’ll remain quite angry for some time. In fact, I’ll not ever forget the response that Bernie Sanders gave to a student’s question about being stopped by the police.

The very fact that Sanders would imply that police officers in this country summarily execute people of color for any reason, much less for someone being impolite is the most despicable remark that I can ever recall being made by a politician about America’s law enforcement professionals. 

Much less a politician running for the highest office in the land. My fingers are pounding away at my laptop so hard as I sit and write this that the keyboard is smoking right now.

It’s typical of politicians to try to pander to whatever particular group that they happen to be addressing, or criticize their opponents. Politicians have never had a problem making promises in their search for votes that they have no intention of ever trying to keep. Both sides do it regularly.

But in this most contentious election season the Socialist Democrats have gone way overboard in pandering for votes from Black Americans. Could it be that they are starting to run scared due to the inroads that President Trump has been making into the Black Community?!

Inroads made as a result of President Trump’s efforts to improve opportunities for all Americans, and American minorities especially. The record has been admirable and speaks for itself. The lowest unemployment rate among Black and Hispanic Americans in history along with rising wages.

Add to his economic record the president’s efforts at criminal justice reform and giving non-violent offenders a second chance and it’s hard for the Socialist Democrats to find fault. Though they most certainly lie and distort the facts at every opportunity.

But for Bernie Sanders, as well as Elizabeth Warren and pretty much all the others running for the Socialist Democrat nomination to run against President Trump who have disparaged America’s law enforcement professionals and to imply that it is common practice for American police officers to execute anyone, much less minorities by shooting them in the back of the head, is probably the most despicable comment I have ever heard from an American politician.

Paying homage and bowing down to the corrupt con artist Al Sharpton has been a staple of the Socialist Democrat Party for many years now. Hell, Barack Obama treated Sharpton like an elder statesman⏤and by doing so the Socialist Democrats have elevated and provided prestige to an individual wholly without character or conscience⏤certainly undeserving of anything more than our collective contempt. For this reason alone Americans should question the judgment and honesty of Socialist Democrats.

The ‘war on police’ was begun by Barack Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder. Since their assault began against the honor and integrity of our men and women in blue, far too many police officers have lost their lives. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and indeed the entire Socialist Democrat Party has the blood of police officers on their hands. 

Bernie Sanders is apparently unaware that the police usually arrive at the scene of medical emergencies first, and cops are well trained in CPR and dealing with other medical situations. But since it’s obvious that as a party the Socialist Democrats intend to continue their disrespect and unfair and inaccurate attacks against American law enforcement, my suggestion to them is that the next time any one of them has the need of the police or the old ticker starts acting up, they should call a garbage man instead.

It just seems more fitting.