The ladies of the Squad, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar have become more of a Mob Squad intent on ruining those who do not share their socialist views. They are anti-Trump, anti-Israel, anti-conservative and anti-American.

Each coming from different areas of the country, and indeed the world, they have joined forces in a united voice to dis-unite our United States. Their views are left of far left, and they are unabashedly using the power of the media and social media to forward their anger, their lies and their hatred of what we stand for in America.

Our country thrives on differences of opinion and it is not something we as a Nation shy away from. I listen to what they say day in and day out. They mis-state facts by twisting and turning them to have a different meaning. They misrepresent the border situations to the point of outright lies that they double down on these lies. They discuss the abuse of children and families in detention centers that is directly refuted by those in the detention centers. They vote to withhold funding for those same centers they complain about.

They constantly mention that they are women of color, as though that matters, then throw the race card down against everyone who disagrees with their politics. They bait the President, they bait their detractors, then cry foul when it comes back their way. Their disrespect for the office holders in the highest offices in this land is shameful.

The lies they tell, the Anti-Semitism, the anger and hatred of what America stands for is a blight and a stain on who we are as Americans. The hypocrisy of Ilhan Omar to talk about protecting the children when she will not condemn female genital mutilation of little girls in her own community sickens me. She is no protector of children. Her own shady past with her marriage and her brother and her finances should have been a red flag in electing someone who was here to manipulate the American system in an unethical manner. Ayanna Pressley has such disrespect for the President of the United States that she calls him the “occupant of the White House” and says he is unauthorized and illegitimate. That goes against the millions of us who voted for President Trump, as well as a disrespect for the system of government we have in which he was duly elected.

Rashida Tlaib spends her time criticizing everything about our country, spreading misinformation on the border crisis and using her race and religion as reasons for anyone’s disagreements with her.

Ocasio-Cortez is a master at social media and uses it like the others to spread disinformation to cause political unrest. She is a puppet of those who would destroy America and whose mouthpiece she has become.

These four women are not women I, as an American woman, am proud to call sisters. They represent the worst of us, rather than the best. They play to the nastiness, the disenchanted and the losers in the game of life and feed their disaffection for all of the things that those who have earned their way in life did not bestow upon them. They are the income equalization bunch. They are the ones who will clean out the wallets of any American who work for a living on the ruse that it will go to the poor and the less fortunate, but believe this; it never will.

These are the socialists who will work to bring good Americans to an Americazuela life. No outside force can destroy America, but these insidious cancerous politicians can cause untold and irreparable harm to the future of the greatest nation in history.

The four ‘do-nothing but complain ladies’ must be voted out. New York, Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts, America needs you to wake up and look at these activist leftist ladies and send them home. They are contributing nothing, they are a distraction; they do not move America forward with reasonable discourse and respectful behavior. I am sure your communities can do better for yourselves and for America than these Representatives, and my hope is that some good people will step up to take the place of these do-nothing Mob Squad members.