From Curiosity to Cult to Economic Disaster COP 25 Doubles Down on Redistributing the Worlds Wealth – For the 25th time politicians from nearly 200 countries are meeting this week in Madrid, Spain in an effort to bring down capitalism and install socialism throughout the world using the absurd claim that the four ten thousandths of the Earths’s atmosphere that is made up of carbon dioxide is going to change life as we know it. 

Carbon dioxide can not possibly play any role other than making life possible on our planet, but the thousands of visitors to Madrid living in the lap of luxury could end the success of civilization with their belief on the climate delusion.

Unless Donald Trump and the climate realists can turn back the tide of misinformation spewed by newspapers and magazines that buy their ink by the barrel along with nearly all of the world’s television stations controlled totally by so called liberal progressives, we may be sunk.

How they garnered that progressive monicker is a mystery. In fact their desire is to see the world regress under the weight of energy produced from wind and solar power⏤which is raising electricity costs three fold for most of the countries that have bought into the climate delusion.

Amidst this plan to destroy the US economy and all of capitalism’s advantages, along comes China demanding that the developed countries pony up $100 billion to assuage the problems of the developing countries suffering under the impact of the four ten thousands of the atmosphere that is now carbon dioxide. This, when China burns more coal and emits more carbon dioxide than any other country, while parading behind their facade of wind and solar power that does not supply a single percent of their power. Give me a break!

Over the past 18 months China has added 43 gigawatts of coal-based electricity generation which can power 31 million of their homes. In addition, to increase their influence across the world, China is financing 25% of all the new proposed coal plants outside of its borders including South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All the while they accuse developed countries of doing too little to curb global warming ahead of the Conference Of Parties meeting number 25 in Spain.

In less than two years, China, after claiming to back away from coal, has been immersed in a new coal boom rivaling the period between 2006 and 2015 when they were committed to, and succeeded in, building a new coal plant every single week. It resulted in air pollution that could be cut with a knife and interfered with the Beijing summer Olympics of 2008. Plans have now been established to build another 148 gigawatts of power in the coming years which is equal to the current coal generating power capacity of the European Union.

A week prior to the Madrid meeting, Zhao Yingmin, China’s Vice-Minister of Ecology and Environment, speaking at a press conference, accused developed countries, including the US, of doing too little to curb global warming. 

That he could have said this⏤without doubling over in laughter is a credit to the well known Chinese inscrutability.

Sadly, now through out Europe the piper is being paid for this economic insanity. Carmaker Audi is to cut 9,500 of its 61,000 jobs in Germany between now and 2025 to make more money available for electric cars. More than 340,000 German households had their electricity turned off last year because they could not pay their rising electricity bills.

Daimler, the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz cars, will slash at least 10,000 jobs worldwide in a major cost-cutting drive to help finance a switch to electric cars under the pressure of the climate delusion. We grew up learning of Germany’s brilliant engineering intelligence. Where do they think the energy is going to come from to power their electric cars. It will most assuredly not come from either the sun or the wind.

When will the insanity end, perhaps not until inarguable colder temperatures alter the group think of the public with little scientific knowledge and daily doses of the climate delusion.

The smartest Climate scientists who study the sun believe we will need extra layers of clothing by the winter of 2025.