The Mighty Adam Strikes Out 

The stands were full with anticipation,
as he stepped up to the plate.

They were counting on him to deliver,
before it was too late.

The fall election was looming,
and victory was in the air.

As the Mighty Adam took his place,
at the podium with his big-eyed stare.

His first try was Russian Collusion,
he had claimed the proof for years.

But it was a swing and a miss,
and Rachel Maddow broke down in tears.

Strike two would be impeachment,
Nancy said it was a slam dunk.

But no leader was poor Nancy,
just a looney bin and drunk.

With Jerry waddling up on deck,
the Mighty Adam just struck out.

And there’s nothing left for them now to do,
but to go back home and pout.

The final whiff will come in November,
and his team will take a fall.

The Dems will lose and Trump will win.
Popular and electoral Trump will take them all.

“Game over”.

Image: Photo: Senate TV